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COVID-19: Deep Clean Floors Before Reopening Your Facility or Business

The Coronavirus pandemic has put life as we knew it on pause for an unknown amount of time. Most businesses are closed for the common good, and the last thing we want is for anything to reopen before it's safe to do so. However, there is no denying that there will likely be a new normal once coronavirus restrictions are lifted and businesses start to reopen to employees and customers.

As the managers of warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other essential businesses performing life-sustaining functions, and as decision-makers for retail stores, schools, or colleges that have been ordered to temporarily close or suspend operations, it's your job to make sure that your facility has reached a new standard of clean – and that cleaning protocol going forward continually meets those standards. Educating yourself on the reasons why it is important to keep your floors clean is crucial when implementing routine cleaning procedures. In a recent study published by the CDC, researchers determined that the soles of your shoes might function as carriers for infections COVID-19 particles. Our shoes constantly pick up debris and 90% of bacteria found on shoes is transferred to title or carpet. Your floors should be cleaned daily to maintain a safe and healthy environment for employees and customers. In order to maintain a cost-effective and highly effective preventative cleaning solution, many facilities will consider floor scrubber rental options.

Floor Scrubber Rentals Save Space & Time

It doesn't always make economic sense to buy a floor cleaning machine, especially after your facility has been closed for a while. However, once your place is back open to the public, or you at least bring back the employees, doing a deep clean is sure to start things off on the right foot. Renting a floor scrubber means you'll have access to a machine that's quick and easy to learn, gets the job done efficiently and in a fraction of the time as by manpower alone, and cost-effective. You also don't have to figure out a place to keep the scrubber when you're not using it.  If you are using a contract cleaner, you may want to consider renting a scrubber to equip them to clean and disinfect your floors the best way possible.

If you are a cleaning contractor who has been hired to help get a business or two in tip-top shape. Renting a floor scrubber will help you get the job done quickly, and you have the advantage of being able to choose the right floor scrubber for all of your different jobs. Factory Cleaning Equipment knows that different facilities require different types of machines, and our experts are ready to help you figure out exactly what you need. FCE will also show you how to use a machine to not just clean, but also disinfect the floor.

Floor Scrubber Experts & Skilled Technicians

The rental process is easy. Unfortunately, it's not quite as easy as simply googling, "floor scrubber rental." That will likely lead you to the wrong machine for your job, and also an "expert" who is really... well, not an expert. Our experts can discuss with you, as well as show you first-hand, which brushes to use, which detergents to use for the type of flooring your facility has, how to properly handle the machine, as well as how to safely operate it. You can also be sure that by the time you get your machine, it's been well-maintained and in top condition.

The Floor Scrubber Rental Process

In order to keep you and your employees safe, here's what you can expect from Factory Cleaning Equipment:

  1. All machines will be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected before delivery.
  2. Before we leave the machine, all touch points on the machine will be disinfected again.
  3. Delivery personnel will be equipped with the proper PPE for the situation.
  4. Operator training at delivery will include the most efficient and effective cleaning and disinfecting methods for operation.  They will also instruct operators how to clean and disinfect equipment after use.  Training also includes the proper use of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals as well as the PPE required.

Our floor srubber rental process is efficient and easy:

  1. Request a rental machine for your desired job. This does not require any real knowledge of each machine. Our team is trained to help guide you to the right one to fit your needs.
  2. Receive a call from a team member. They'll ask you questions about your facility to get a better understanding of your specific needs. This helps us put together an accurate quote.
  3. Get an email from a representative that confirms rental rates and summarizes the phone conversation.
  4. Machines are inspected prior to delivery, and upon delivery, an equipment expert will go over the ins and outs to make sure your operators are equipped to be as productive and safe as possible. All of our delivery personnel will be able to train your staff on best practices for cleaning and disinfecting.
  5. The team will arrange to pick the machine back up from your location after the rental timeframe has ended.

There you have it! Floor scrubber rental is the way to go if you want your facility to be ready when you reopen after COVID-19 stay-at-home orders end and people start coming back. Call our floor scrubber experts at 866-680-4370 or email Factory Cleaning Equipment today to get the ball rolling!


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