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Tennant 6100 Ride On Sweeper


The 6100 is a compact industrial grade, self-propelled, rider sweeper, manufactured in the United States of America.  Due to its small size the 6100 industrial rider sweeper can be used almost anywhere, and can be placed on a standard passenger elevator to move between floors.  The 6100 ride on sweeper is ideal for sweeping small debris on any hard surface floor.  We have found that the 6100 rider sweeper also makes an excellent carpet sweeper! 

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At the recommended operational speed of 3.0 MPH the 6100 industrial rider sweeper cleans at the rate of 35,600 square feet an hour.  With fully charged batteries, the 6100 ride on sweeper will sweep for at least four hours.  Power key ignition switch, and emergency power kill switch are both standard features on the 6100 dashboard.  An integrated operator safety switch stops the 6100 rider sweeper unless the operator is seated. 

Simple manual brush levers raise and lower all brushes, and are within easy reach of the operator.  Both side brushes and main brush turn off when the brush levers are raised.  Pictogram style use and care guide is mounted on the 6100 industrial rider sweeper next to the operator seat. 

Tennant’s VCS system filter shaker is another unique feature that cleans each individual filter panel pleat.  Manual cleaning of the 6100 ride on sweeper dust filter is eliminated altogether.  Downward sloped grid on top of the debris hopper protects the dust panel filter from flying debris.  A tall luggage style handle, and large rolling wheels make it easy to roll the hopper out for easy dumping.  At full capacity the 6100 rider sweeper hopper can hold up to 3 cubic feet of debris.

The 6100 industrial rider sweeper is available with optional dual side brooms for a category leading 38 inch cleaning path.  Add the optional vacuum wand and clean tight corners and hard to reach areas.  Other popular options for the 6100 are the operating headlights, and rotating hazard light.

Tennant 6100 Ride On Sweeper Features:
  • Right hand side brush
  • Horn button
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Battery discharge meter
  • Key switch
  • Hour meter
  • Free-floating hopper
  • Debris trap pedal
  • Automatic smart battery charger
  • No-tool brush change
  • No-tool dust panel filter change

  • Left hand side brush (for dual side brushes)
  • Live vacuum wand
  • Carpet sweeping configuration
  • Extended run-time battery package
  • Audio backup alarm
  • Rotating hazard light
  • Overhead Guard
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    Tennant 6100 Ride On Sweeper User Manual

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    Tennant 6100 Ride On Sweeper Parts Manual

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    Tennant 6100 Ride On Sweeper Brochure


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