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Bulldog Floor Scrubbers

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    WD17 2.0

    The all-new 17" cordless walk-behind floor scrubber for gyms, fitness facilities, and more

    EXPLORE WD17 2.0
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    Walk-behind floor scrubber for grocery stores, schools, and more

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    20" cordless walk-behind floor scrubber for gyms, fitness facilities, and more

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    Walk-behind floor scrubber and sweeper for manufacturing plants, machine shops, and more

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    26" battery walk-behind floor scrubber for automotive shops, airplane hangars, and more


Over 1400 gym owners use a Bulldog WD20 Floor Scrubber to clean their gym mats

Our Bulldog line of floor scrubbers has been providing high-quality, industrial grade cleaning among America’s toughest applications for decades. Prior to the Bulldog, we had been frustrated by the lack of heavy-duty equipment for smaller applications. Most compact auto scrubbers available then were not designed for heavy-duty daily use, so we set out to change this.

When thoughtfully designing the Bulldog floor scrubber, our goals were simple. They drove us from the beginning and are what we still stand by today. The Bulldog machine had to be:

  • Effective on numerous floors across various industries
  • Durable for daily use in tough environments
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Reliable to clean your floors long-term

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