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Cool Breeze Tank Deodorizer

Cool Breeze is designed specifically for use in your floor scrubber recovery tank to counteract the strong unpleasant odors that collect. The scent gets released through the vac exhaust, sparking an instant explosion of fresh aromas that create an inviting atmosphere to any facility.

Sold as a case of 4, 1-quart bottles
Manufacturer: Bulldog

Leave the good smells behind with Cool Breeze Tank Deodorizer

Here are the facts:

  • Studies have shown that our brains positively associate the smell of scented detergents as being “clean” and “fresh.”
  • When we smell something, like scented detergents, our brain and nose work together to make sense of it all and then provoke positive memories and associations.

How to use:

  • Add 1 to 2 ounces per 10 gallons (tank size) into your floor scrubber's recovery tank to counteract the odor. By adjusting the recommended amount, you control how much fragrance you want to release throughout your facility

Where to use:

  • Use Cool Breeze Tank Deodorizer in your scrubber's recovery tank and scrub your facility like usual. The scent is released into the air through the vac exhaust, never actually making direct contact with your floor.

When to use:

  • Use Cool Breeze any time your tank starts to develop an undesired odor or when you want to infuse a fresh and clean scent into the atmosphere of your facility. Provoke those positive memories and associations in the brains of your employees, and/or customers.

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