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T16 Battery-Powered Floor Scrubber


The Tennant T16 is an industrial grade, self-propelled, ride-on, high-performance scrubber manufactured in the U.S. The T16 scrubber has the ability to clean virtually any hard floor surface.

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The T16 is available with a disk scrub deck or cylindrical scrub/sweep deck. With the cylindrical scrub deck, manual sweeping is eliminated. You can also increase the T16 cleaning path from 36 inches to 46 inches (28% wider) with the optional scrubbing side brush.

Up Your Cleaning Capability

With fully charged batteries, the T16 rider high performance scrubber will clean for up to two hours and forty five minutes. Run time for the T16 can be increased up to four hours and fifteen minutes with the optional battery pack upgrade. Power key ignition switch, and emergency power kill switch are both standard features on the T16 dashboard. An integrated operator safety switch stops the T16 compact rider high performance scrubber unless the operator is seated.

Powerful AC drive propel motor allows for excellent ramp climbing capabilities. Because the T16 AC drive propel motor is sealed and brushless, it offers extended component life, and less maintenance.

Designed For Operator Ease

Large operator legroom means the T16 is comfortable and reduces fatigue. The T16 also has excellent operator visibility for confident maneuvering in tight or congested areas. Unlike other scrubbers which require both feet to operate, T16 has car like pedals for easy single foot operation.

Heavy-Duty Quality You Can Rely On

The T16 is corrosion resistant due to a cast aluminum drive system, cast aluminum cylindrical brush deck, and cast aluminum squeegee assembly. Further corrosion resistance is enhanced by the rotationally molded polyethylene body panels, and solution/recovery tanks. Steel components on the T16 are coated with industrial grade enamel paint.

Large Green 1-step start button on the T16 dashboard turns the preset scrub functions on and off. Once you have set the desired scrub functions, this is the only button you need to press. All of the functions on the T16 can be controlled independently as needed. A standard feature of the T16 is the “economy” setting for brush pressure and solution flow. When in the “economy” mode the T16 run time is increased, brush wear is decreased, and water/detergent consumption are decreased.

Optional Ad-On's

With Tennant’s on-board ec-H2O technology system, water is electrically converted into an innovative cleaning solution. Since ec-H2O reduces water consumption dramatically, floors are drier and ready for traffic immediately. The ec-H2O technology system is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) to help reduce potential for slip-and-fall accidents. NSF International has further certified that the ec-H2O technology system meets appropriate food safety regulations. You should consider ec-H2O to help contribute to LEED points in your facility.

Another popular and useful option for the T16 is the Hydrolink battery watering system. The hydrolink battery watering system will ensure that your batteries are filled to the correct level and help lengthen battery life. The battery watering system requires no special training - it's simple to use - and requires no tools.

T16 Battery-Powered, Rider Floor Scrubber Features:
  • 36" Cleaning path
  • Disk or cylindrical scrub head
  • 50-Gallon solution/60 recover
  • 10-Gallon demisting chamber
  • Automatic smart battery charger
  • Emergency stop button & Key switch
  • (2) 1.0 HP brush motors
  • 65" Water lift
  • 14,000 RPM vacuum fan
  • Optional ec-H2O chemical-free cleaning
  • Operates at 68 dBA
  • Touch-n-Go easy control panel
  • Dura-Trak TM parabolic squeegee system
  • Side cargo net
  • Removable tool caddy
  • Flex-shaft steering
  • Self-contained filter bag
  • No-tool brush & squeegee change
  • Variable forward and reverse speeds
  • 0.75 HP vacuum fan
  • Variable down pressure
  • Dimensions: 74" L x 42" W x 58" H, weighing 1900 pounds
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    T16 Battery-Powered, Rider Floor Scrubber User Manual

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    T16 Battery-Powered, Rider Floor Scrubber Parts Manual

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    T16 Battery-Powered, Rider Floor Scrubber Brochure

Common Replacement Parts
Description Model SKU/EAN Price Quantity Add
Description: 04/ Sl 03.75W 28.00L .12 Rubber Skirt Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 223520
Price: $17.40
Quantity: 1

Description: 45.5" Squeegee Rear - Red Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1051283
Price: $43.47
Quantity: 1

Description: Brush Cylindrical 35" Polyester Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1053895
Price: $360.30
Quantity: 1

Description: Brush Cylindrical 35" Super Abrasive Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1062578
Price: $604.20
Quantity: 1

Description: Brush, 35" Polypropylene Cylindrical Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1053893
Price: $252.60
Quantity: 1

Description: Key, Ignition Model: 7300, 8300, T12, T16, T17, T7, 7100 SKU/EAN: 361144
Price: $11.50
Quantity: 1

Description: Side Squeegee - 1054670 Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1054670
Price: $52.90
Quantity: 1

Description: SKIRT, RBR, .06, 03.36W 24.12L, 05/ HOLE Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1054787
Price: $13.90
Quantity: 1

Description: SKIRT, RBR, .12, 03.75W 37.00L, 04/ SL Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1057021
Price: $17.40
Quantity: 1

Description: SKIRT, RBR, .12, 09.27W 18.93L, 05/ HOLE Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1056813
Price: $17.80
Quantity: 1

Description: Squeegee Front Linard Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1056453
Price: $33.00
Quantity: 1

Description: Squeegee Rear, Urethane Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1061198
Price: $78.80
Quantity: 1

Description: Squeegee, Front, 43.19l, Urethane Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1061200
Price: $65.30
Quantity: 1

Description: Squeegee, Side, 25.10l Urethane Model: T16 SKU/EAN: 1061185
Price: $106.20
Quantity: 1

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