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Applying Disinfectant in Your Industrial Facility

An All-In-One Propane Floor Scrubber

Learn how you can get the best cleaning and disinfecting results for your facility using the Tennant T20—the COVID-19 Killer! The heavy-duty industrial ride-on propane floor scrubber has a variety of features that make maintaining your cleaning protocols fast and efficient. The spray pump wand allows you to clean hard surfaces as well as hard-to-reach corners and spaces. The spray bar, located on the back of the Tennant T20 scrubber, allows you to spray disinfectant directly on the floor. Maximize productivity and enjoy simple operation and maintenance with this powerful propane floor scrubber.  Sweep, scrub, vacuum, and apply EPA approved disinfectant up to 35,000 square feet per hour. Learn more about the Tennant T20 industrial floor scrubber and sweeper and contact Factory Cleaning Equipment for a quote.

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