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Used Floor Cleaning Machines

Reconditioned floor scrubbers and sweepers for sale used

Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. has an ever-changing selection of used floor scrubbers and rebuilt floor cleaning machines, including floor sweepers, buffers, and burnishers from top brands, like Tennant, Factory Cat, and more. Our selection of used and rebuilt machines can be a great addition to your preventative cleaning program and efforts to follow CDC guidelines for infection prevention. Purchasing a rebuilt floor scrubber not only saves your business money, but it is an effective and proactive step you can take to prevent the spread of germs in your facilities.

With over 24 years of experience, our experts are able to recognize and restore quality floor scrubbers. When we rebuild a machine, we inspect it from top to bottom, from brush deck and squeegee assembly to the frame and batteries. All of our used floor cleaning machines have new replacement parts and an FCE certified warranty that you can trust.

Our Response to COVID-19

In order to keep you and your employees safe, here's what you can expect when you purchase a used and rebuilt floor cleaning machine:

  1. All machines will be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected before delivery.
  2. Before we leave the machine, all touch points on the machine will be disinfected again.
  3. Delivery personnel will be equipped with the proper PPE for the situation.
  4. Operator training at delivery will include the most efficient and effective cleaning and disinfecting methods for operation. We will also instruct operators how to clean and disinfect equipment after use and how to properly use cleaning and disinfecting chemicals as well as the PPE required.

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  • Factory Cat 34

    Factory Cat 34

  • Factory Cat TR

    Factory Cat TR

  • Factory Cat XR

    Factory Cat XR

  • Powerboss Atlas

    Powerboss Atlas

  • Tennant 5700

    Tennant 5700

  • Tennant 6200

    Tennant 6200

  • Tennant 7200

    Tennant 7200

  • Tennant 7300

    Tennant 7300

  • Tennant M20

    Tennant M20

  • Tennant M30

    Tennant M30

  • Tennant S20

    Tennant S20

  • Tennant S30

    Tennant S30

  • Tennant T7

    Tennant T7

  • Tennant T12

    Tennant T12

  • Tennant T15

    Tennant T15

  • Tennant T16

    Tennant T16

  • Tennant T20

    Tennant T20

If you have a scrubber or sweeper that you think is ready to be scrapped, let us take a look at it! Another option to purchasing a new replacement machine is to rebuild your floor cleaning machine to make it look and work like new again. No matter what your cleaning situation is, we will help you find the right floor scrubber or sweeper for your needs.

All used floor cleaning machines include an FCE certified warranty!

It’s our promise to you that your used scrubber or sweeper has been given the proper care and attention. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your used machine, we will make it right with our FCE certified warranty. To give you the best used floor cleaner possible, we also install new replacement parts on our equipment - including, but not limited to:

  • Brush deck skirt
  • New squeegee assembly
  • Batteries
  • Hoses (solution and drain)
  • Brushes and brooms
  • Flaps
  • Battery cables
  • Complete engine tune up
  • Drive wheels & caster wheels
  • Gaskets & Filters
  • Paint & Decals
  • Driver's seat
  • Vacuum motor

A used floor cleaning machine might be just what you need.

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