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Factory Cat Floor Scrubbers

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    Effortlessly navigate your facility with this compact ride-on auto scrubber. Say goodbye to operator fatigue, as your staff covers more square footage, leaving time and energy for additional tasks.

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    Conquer your most demanding cleaning tasks with this midsize battery-powered ride-on scrubber. Clean and restore even the filthiest floors thanks to high-speed scrubbing brushes and substantial down pressure.

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    Clean vast spaces with exceptional maneuverability using this industrial ride-on floor scrubber. Ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, or large buildings, it outperforms with the widest scrub path among Factory Cat machines.

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    Experience ultimate maneuverability with our battery-powered micro ride-on floor scrubber. Combining the efficiency of a ride-on auto scrubber with a footprint smaller than many large walk-behind models, it excels in navigating.

    EXPLORE Pilot
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    Designed for expansive areas, this walk-behind floor scrubber excels where ride-on scrubbers might be too large. Benefit from prolonged cleaning sessions on a single charge with versatile scrub deck options.

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    Discover the optimal blend of agility and productivity with this mid-sized walk-behind floor scrubber, with versatile battery pack options, an innovative chemical-free cleaning system, and customizable tires.

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    Designed for smaller spaces and diverse floor types, this compact floor scrubber effortlessly tackles challenges like rubberized floors, grouted tile, exposed aggregate, and concrete floors with agility and power.

    EXPLORE Micro-HD
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    Compact, robust, and effortlessly stored, this battery-powered micro scrubber outperforms manual mop-and-bucket cleaning in congested spaces. It's versatile enough to handle all your small-scale cleaning tasks.

    EXPLORE MicroMag

Experience top-tier cleaning performance with Factory Cat floor scrubbers. These meticulously crafted ride-on and walk-behind battery-powered floor scrubbers redefine industry standards. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of quality and efficiency as you explore the optimal selection of floor scrubber models for your business. Choose excellence in every clean—choose Factory Cat scrubbers.

For broader cleaning needs, discover our range of Factory Cat floor sweepers, combining efficiency and durability seamlessly.

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