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Sanitization Protocol for Gyms

Bulldog Scrubbers

The following is a list of “Best Practices” for cleaning and disinfecting your gym. Please note that no facility can ever be 100% disinfected. All we can do is our best. We owe it to our valued customers to do everything we cannot to provide a safe environment to work out.

Our Bulldog Scrubber facility is quite large compared to a gym (16,000 sq. ft). Two of us can get the work done in about 30 minutes. We believe that it could also take you only 30 minutes or less to clean and disinfect your entire gym with our Bulldog Scrubbers. Just 30 minutes a day to protect you, your employees, and your customers. It seems like a small price to pay to prevent an outbreak.

Keep the germs out of your building.

One of the most overlooked sources of bacteria can be found on the bottom of people's shoes. To ensure a healthy environment for everyone, consider implementing some of the simple solutions below to keep your floors and mats clean:

  • Send out reminders to your customers about staying out of the gym when they are not feeling well. Appeal to their sense of protecting your community.
  • Consider asking your customers to change into dedicated workout shoes when they arrive.
  • Offer to disinfect shoes before they step on the mats. Remember that you must clean shoes before they can be disinfected. Also, most disinfectants need 10 minutes of contact time to be 100% effective, read the bottle carefully.

Consider Social Distancing for your workouts.

Social distancing is a crucial aspect of preventing the spread of illnesses, including COVID-19. If you're a gym owner or fitness instructor, it's essential to consider re-evaluating class sizes to ensure social distancing guidelines can be followed.

Teach your customers the importance of wiping down equipment with disinfectant before they use it and as soon as they are finished with it.

Encourage good hygiene habits among your customers by teaching them the importance of wiping down gym equipment before and after use with disinfectant. To make it easier for them, place spray bottles of disinfectant and microfiber wiping cloths or paper towels throughout the gym. Remember to change out the microfiber cloths after each class and launder them each day to maintain a clean and safe workout environment.

Teach your staff to frequently disinfect key touch points during the day.

Regular cleaning, disinfecting and frequent hand washing are vital in preventing the spread of germs and illnesses, and it's especially important in high-traffic areas including:

  • All door handles
  • Drinking fountain button
  • Fixture handles on toilets, sinks, etc.
  • Front counter if you have one.

By implementing a thorough cleaning routine, your business can ensure that your staff and customers feel comfortable and safe in your facilities.

Encourage customers to wash their hands before and after a workout.

Encouraging customers to practice good hygiene, such as washing their hands before and after a workout, is essential in maintaining a healthy gym environment. In addition, providing a sanitary restroom for customers can also help prevent the spread of bacteria. Emptying garbage cans in restrooms frequently is another simple yet effective way to keep the area clean.

Disinfecting After You Close Every Day

The gym is closing and it's time to sanitize everything to get your space clean for the next day. With everything going on in the world, it's more important than ever to take these precautions seriously. That's why we've put together a simple step by step list to help you clean your gym using a Bulldog scrubber and EPA registered disinfectant. Follow these steps and you'll have a clean gym in no time!

  • Start by cleaning your floor.
    • Sweep up and debris or chalk.
    • Run your Bulldog Scrubber with a neutral cleaner like Bulldog Mat Cleaner in the tank. Make sure your squeegee is working properly and leaving the least water behind possible.
    • If you are using a mop and bucket use a cleaner/disinfectant in the bucket. Change the water frequently. Ring the mop out thoroughly. Remember that if you do not change the water frequently you will just be spreading germs with the mop. Mopping systems with dual buckets are available. They basically keep the dirty water in one bucket and the clean in another.
  • Use an EPA registered disinfectant to clean all the hard surfaces in your building. Make sure that the product is approved for COVID-19 use. Read the label. Follow the instructions carefully for dilution as well as contact time needed to be effective. Most disinfectants need 10 minutes of wet contact with a surface to be 100% effective. BE SURE THAT THE DISINFECTANT YOU CHOOSE WILL NOT HARM YOUR EQUIPMENT OR OTHER SURFACES IN THE GYM! *Protective gloves and safety glasses are always a good idea when using cleaning chemicals.*
    • Spray disinfectant with a small pump up sprayer, electric sprayer, or a spray bottle. Electric Sprayers and Electrostatic Sprayers will save you money in the long run. You will need far less product. Spray bottles will use the most product.
    • Spray all Touch Points in the Gym.
      • Let the product sit on the touch points for 10 minutes.
      • Wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.
      • Some disinfectants are designed to spray on and just let dry. Read the instructions on your disinfectant carefully.
    • Touch Points to be Cleaned (Basically anything someone touches) Think about everything as you walk through your gym.
      • Door handles – Inside and Out
      • Light switches
      • Countertops
      • Keyboards, Mice & Telephones (dampen a towel with disinfectant and wipe)
      • Credit Card Machine
      • Pens
      • Hand Sanitizer Bottle (especially the pump)
      • All weight bars, dumbbells, clamps, handles
      • Yoga or kneeling mats if you have them
      • Benches, Seats, Bike & Rower Seats & Handles
      • Sanitizer Spray Bottles
      • Clean entire bathroom as you normally would. Then hit all fixtures and handles with the disinfectant.
    • Last Step! Spray entire floor with a mist of disinfectant. It is best to use a disinfectant that can be sprayed on and left to dry. Be sure that it is not a skin irritant! Work your way from the back of the building to your exit door.


How do we communicate to your customers that you have the cleanest gym possible? I am working on a series of marketing pieces that you can add your gym’s name to. I am going to encourage you to start getting the word out now that YOUR GYM HAS A PLAN TO KEEP THEM SAFE WHEN IT REOPENS.

As always, I welcome your feedback and ideas. Rick Schott | [email protected] | 800-793-3790

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