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Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping you informed and in the loop is always our goal. From general floor cleaning questions to specific concerns about your floor scrubber or sweeper, you can turn to us for help. Have an unanswered question? Please contact us!

1. What’s the difference between a floor scrubber, sweeper, sweeper-scrubber, & scrubber-sweeper?

  • Floor sweeper: uses brushes to dry sweep your floor and remove dust and debris.
  • Floor scrubber: goes one step further to clean with water and often detergent as well.
  • Floor sweeper-scrubber: first a dry sweep, then a wet scrub at two separate times.
  • Floor scrubber-sweeper: a 2-in-1 technology using a cylindrical brush to scrub and sweep at the same time.

2. How does an autoscrubber work?

An automatic floor scrubber has a separate clean and dirty water tank. Fresh water is put down onto the floor through its own solution tank, brushes agitate the dirt and debris on the surface, a water vacuum system displaces dirty water into a separate recovery tank, and finally, the squeegees leave the surface dry. All in one pass and never recycling dirty water. Learn more about the Bulldog WD-20, the top battery-operated commercial autoscrubber on the market today.

3. Do I need to sweep my floors before I scrub?

Do you have light dust? Then typically no, scrubbing your floors will suffice. More than light dust? Then we generally recommend a quick sweep. But the answer ultimately depends on the debris on your floor. You can turn to us to help you decide what to do first.

4. What square footage will a floor sweeper or scrubber clean per hour?

Once again, it depends… Think of cleaning open warehouse floors vs. floors that have aisles to maneuver between. Or a facility that has light dust vs. stubborn soils. You tell us about your facility’s square footage, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

5. What’s the best fuel source for my machine?

Read our guide to help you decide between corded, battery, LP, gas, and diesel floor cleaning machines.

6. Do you sell used or refurbished floor scrubbers and sweepers?

Yes! It is important to have a high-performance floor cleaning machine you can trust, which is why we take our reconditioning process seriously. You can be certain your used floor sweeper or scrubber has been thoroughly inspected from top to bottom, from brush deck and squeegee assembly to frame and batteries, and has new replacement parts. We can also rebuild a floor scrubber or sweeper that you currently own, which is an economical and environmentally friendly way to upgrade industrial floor cleaning equipment.

7. What is the warranty on NEW sweepers and scrubbers sold by FCE?

Typically, 1 year labor & 3 years parts.

8. What is the warranty on USED sweepers and scrubbers sold by FCE?

Typically, 90 days labor & parts.

9. Should I use detergent?

Would you do the dishes without soap? Would you wash your hands with just water? Think about this when it comes to cleaning your floors without detergent. (Hint: using detergent is highly recommended.) Learn why scrubbing your floor with detergent will help remove allergens and germs, which can have a positive impact on the health of those in your facility.

10. What detergent is best?

Our floor cleaning professionals are your best resource to help you choose the best detergent based on your floors, but here’s a guide to choosing the best floor detergent that may help you narrow it down.

11. What should be regularly maintained on my floor cleaning machine?

On a basic level, you should be proactive about maintaining these items on your floor scrubber or sweeper. Reach out to our floor cleaning experts for a more specific maintenance checklist.

12. When should I schedule planned maintenance?

Your Operator’s Manual will recommend a service schedule for your floor scrubber or sweeper, but we typically recommend maintenance after every 100 hours of use. We offer a flat rate Planned Maintenance Program on a schedule that can be tailored to your specific equipment needs with Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, and Semi-annual plans.

13. Do you offer service?

Yes! At 8 of our locations, including Chicago, IL, Charlotte, NCHouston and Dallas, TX, our trained Service Technicians will perform local repairs of all floor sweeper and scrubber models. For service in other areas of the country, we’ll connect you with experienced technicians from our partner service providers. Our Bulldog Scrubbers are serviced nationwide. Contact us to see if we perform service in your area.

14. How do I know what’s the correct replacement part for my sweeper or scrubber?

First, locate your floor cleaning machine parts manual. Then identify your part number and type it into our site’s search bar. Still not finding what you need? Contact us and our Parts Specialist will gladly help.

15. If I’m interested in leasing/financing, who is the leaseholder?

We offer financing for floor scrubbers and sweepers through the following leaseholders:

  • Marlin – 888-479-9111
  • DLL - 800-736-0220

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