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Tennant Floor Sweepers

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    Large ride-on sweeper designed for spacious areas with heavier dirt, this machine provides excellent dust control with the SweepMax® Plus system.

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    Perfectly proportioned mid-size ride-on sweeper that offers superior dust control while picking up everything from dust to broken glass.

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    Compact rider sweeper for productive and versatile sweeping across various surfaces and debris types, all on fume-free battery power.

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    Industrial rider sweeper capable of consistently sweeping bulky debris, cement dust and more in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

    EXPLORE 800
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    Ride-on floor sweeper known for its excellent dust control. This sweeper can fit through standard doorways and clean most hard surfaces.

    EXPLORE 6100
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    Versatile industrial walk-behind sweeper that's easily maneuverable in tight spaces, with a large hopper for medium to heavy-duty facilities.

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    Self-propelled walk-behind sweeper that picks up everything from sand to light litter, even in tough industrial environments.

    EXPLORE 3640
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    Retired ride on floor sweeping machine

    EXPLORE 6200

Tennant offers a comprehensive range of industrial sweepers, from battery-powered walk-behind sweepers to rugged steel-frame rider sweepers. These dependable machines are designed to keep your facility completely free from debris and dust. They're characterized by their high-quality construction, specifically engineered to endure the harshest and most delicate environments, making Tennant sweepers synonymous with reliability.

Tennant floor sweeping machines, whether walk-behind sweepers for compact spaces or ride-on sweepers for larger areas, guarantee top-tier performance. You can take your sweeping capabilities to the next level by customizing your floor sweeper with additional brushes, dust mops, and HEPA filters. Looking for equally efficient scrubbers? Explore our Tennant floor scrubbers to complete your cleaning arsenal.

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