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Commercial and Industrial Floor Scrubbers

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    Tennant Scrubbers

    Tennant's industrial floor scrubbers are thoughtfully designed to tackle the toughest surfaces and also handle the most delicate floors. Both dependable and thorough, these scrubbers will keep your floors looking their best for years to come.

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    Factory Cat Scrubbers

    Factory Cat scrubbers, made in America, incorporate heavy duty steel construction to achieve outstanding quality and durability in one machine. Effective across a variety of applications, these machines are ready to efficiently clean your floors.

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    Bulldog Scrubbers

    These cordless scrubbers allow for heavy-duty cleaning in smaller applications. Compact and industrial grade, Bulldog machines are able to withstand daily use in tough environments, including gym mats, brewery floors, and more.

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    PowerBoss Scrubbers

    PowerBoss American-made scrubbers combine innovative design and cost-effective reliable operation into one floor scrubbing machine. An ideal solution for heavy-duty cleaning, these scrubbers make cleaning quicker and more effective.

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    ICE Scrubbers

    ICE rider scrubbers offer heavy-duty cleaning capability with easy-to-operate machines. These commercial floor scrubbers feature a wide cleaning path perfect for large floor surface areas. Get maximum flexibility for your facility.

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    Simple Clean Scrubber

    These compact commercial floor scrubbers emphasize simplicity and affordability. Best for smaller applications, these floor scrubbers are ideal for the small business owner. They will give your facility a thorough clean on a budget.

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    Lionsbot Scrubbers

    Elevate your cleaning operations with Lionsbot autonomous floor scrubbers. Compact and nimble, these scrubbers are engineered for efficiency and sustainability. Lionsbot robotic scrubbers are ideal for retail, distribution centers & more.

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    Avidbots Scrubbers

    Avidbots fully autonomous floor scrubbers will revolutionize your facility's cleaning program! Lower costs and improve your floor cleaning efficiency with the Neo 2™ robotic floor scrubber, for numerous commercial and industrial applications.

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As a leading floor scrubber machine supplier, we carry a wide array of industrial floor scrubber brands, including Tennant, Factory Cat, Bulldog, PowerBoss, and ICE. To best serve our customers, we offer models of various sizes, including both walk behind and ride on auto scrubbers, with numerous features and configuration options to create the best-fit model for your unique facility. Additionally, we provide floor scrubber replacement parts and floor cleaning detergents to extend the life of your investment.

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If you are located near one of our 10 locations in Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, GeorgiaColorado or California, our trained floor cleaning machine professionals can set up a time that is convenient for you to visit your facility. During this visit, we scope out the size, type, and style of floors that you need to clean. Once all of the appropriate information on your facility is documented, we will then be able to make an accurate recommendation of which floor scrubber will best suit your needs! To see if we demo in your area, please contact us.

Is your facility compliant with OSHA Silica Dust Exposure Regulations? Learn more about our OSHA approved industrial sweeper-scrubbers.


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