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SuperCitrus Fast Fill - Ultra Concentrated Detergent


SuperCitrus is an ultra-concentrated detergent for all types of soils. This floor cleaning chemical is the safest heavy-duty cleaner on the market. Just one half of a bottle is enough for a 30-gallon solution tank in your floor scrubber. SuperCitrus is one of our most popular cleaning detergents for several reasons.


  • Easy and safe to use – no hazardous ingredients
  • Versatile for many applications
  • Non-combustible
  • Economical sizes available
  • No carcinogens
  • Makes removing oils easy

Recommended Uses

  • Bathrooms
  • Walls
  • Hard floors
  • Machinery
  • Floor scrubbers
  • Mop buckets
  • Pressure washer

Packaging Options

  • 12/1 quart bottles
  • 4/1 quart bottles
  • 55 gallon drum
  • 275 gallon tote

Use SuperCitrus regularly for peak performance. It is recommended to apply liberally to tough soils and allow it a moment to work its magic. Also, use a grit type brush on your floor scrubber to enhance unfinished concrete and other industrial floors. SuperCitrus can be used in different environments like your home or workplace. Its ability to be used as a degreaser and general purpose cleaner makes it a top choice in floor cleaning chemicals.

super citrus in drums and totes
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