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Factory Cat MicroMag Floor Scrubber


Factory Cat’s ultra compact MicroMag scrubbers are designed to clean machine shops, congested lunch rooms, car dealerships, and busy fabrication plants. They stand up to the demands of daily industrial use, including rough tractor trailer service bays.

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The disk models are available in 17ʺ and 20ʺ sizes, and our pad assist design offers unmatched propulsion. This adjustable pad bias is unique to Factory Cat and allows the machine to be almost completely self-propelled on most floor surfaces.

The scrub head is protected by the frame’s heavy steel construction, with non-marking tires and bumper wheels to protect against marks. Like other Factory Cat equipment, the MicroMag is entirely MADE in the USA, and with American components that are assembled with stainless fasteners.

The Factory Cat MicroMag is available in two options, Disk or Edge. Factory Cat Edge is a breakthrough in the chemical-free floor stripping process. With the unique Edge head it is capable of daily scrubbing with only 1/3rd of the water usage of old fashioned disk scrubbers. Its oscillating head doesn't fling dirty water like many traditional scrubbers, and can quickly prep floors for recoat.

Compact, robust, and effortlessly stored, this battery-powered micro scrubber outperforms manual mop-and-bucket cleaning in congested spaces. With options for both traction and brush drive, it's versatile enough to handle all your small-scale cleaning tasks.

Factory Cat MicroMag Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Features:
  • 10-Gallon recovery tank
  • 10-Gallon solution tank
  • Open recovery tank
  • Stainless Drain Saver
  • Stainless drain saver
  • Non-marking tires
  • Breakaway squeegee
  • Powder painted steel frame
  • Transparent lid
  • Adjustable stainless steel handlebars
  • Isolated vac motor
  • Brass valve/stainless filter
  • Up to 125 pounds of down pressure
  • (1) .75 HP motor
  • Up to three hours run time
  • Operates at 67 dBA
  • Disk machines available in 17" or 20" cleaning paths
  • Edge machines are available in 20” stripping path
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    Factory Cat MicroMag Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber User Manual

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    Factory Cat MicroMag Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Parts Manual

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    Factory Cat MicroMag Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Brochure


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