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Industrial Floor Scrubber Rentals

Huge inventory of Tennant Scrubbers and Sweepers available for rent

Factory Cleaning Equipment is the industry-leading choice for floor scrubber and sweeper rentals in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, North Carolina, and nationwide. We offer a wide variety of rental machines to fit your facility’s floor cleaning needs, and daily, weekly, and monthly rates to fit your budget.

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to take on the substantial cost of owning and maintaining your own scrubber or sweeper. Renting an industrial floor cleaning machine can be the perfect cost-saving solution. For example, floor scrubber rental is a great choice for building service contractors to do a warehouse deep clean or a parking lot sweep, facilities managers looking to refinish polished concrete floors, or floor installation contractors finishing a job site. FCE’s floor cleaning rental experts will make sure you have the right machine for your application, deliver it to your door, and make sure your staff knows how to operate it.

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Types of Floor Sweepers and Scrubbers For Rent

We have a wide variety of industrial scrubber brand names to choose from such as Bulldog, Factory Cat and TennantTennant is our most popular brand to rent as they are the leading manufacturer of floor cleaning machines and have the widest variety. Additionally, we offer floor polisher rentals to bring your dusty concrete floors to a diamond shine during your regular floor cleaning. If you are unsure of what kind of machine you need, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help. With over 20 years of being in business, we have the ability to recommend the correct machine to each customer.

Walk behind sweeper

Walk Behind Sweeper Rental

Daily Weekly Monthly
$195 $595 $1795

Battery-powered, self-propelled sweeper that sweeps up to 30,000 square feet per hour. Picks up fine dust, chunks of wood, metal, rocks, etc. A great sweeper rental for warehouse clean-ups, move outs, or getting ready for important visitors. This machine works on any hard surface.

Battery powered rider sweeper

Small Battery Powered Rider Sweeper Rental

Daily Weekly Monthly
$295 $895 $2695

Sweep up to 40,000 square feet per hour and clean up to 160,000 feet on a single charge (depending on conditions). This is a great industrial floor sweeper to rent if you are sweeping up larger areas but need a machine that will fit through narrow aisles and tight spaces. Equipped with a removable hopper that rolls out for easy dumping of heavy debris.

Propane rider sweeper

Large LP Powered High Dump Sweeper Rental

Daily Weekly Monthly
$495 $1495 $2995

The Tennant S30 and 6600 sweepers were built to sweep large areas like warehouses, manufacturing plants and parking lots. Rent these sweepers when you have construction clean ups, dust problems, or need to clean up parking areas. All propane sweepers have powered high dump, making them easy to empty into dumpsters and other containers.

Walk behind Scrubber rental

Small Battery Powered Walk-Behind Scrubber Rental

Daily Weekly Monthly
$145 $495 $1295

This compact, battery operated scrubber is an excellent machine for areas of your facility that are close in quarters. Extremely simple to operate, there is very minimal training involved. Rent this scrubber when you know there will be many obstacles to avoid while cleaning the floor. This scrubber rental will run up to 3 hours on a charge.

Walk behind Scrubber

Battery Powered Walk-Behind Scrubber Rental

Daily Weekly Monthly
$195 $595 $1795

This powerful machine is a great scrubber to rent for many applications. It can be used to clean large facilities with any hard surface, from concrete to epoxy-coated floors and more. With the proper brushes and chemicals the Tennant 5680 and 5700 can both strip old wax from floors as well as prep concrete for coatings and sealers. This rental will run up to 4 hours on a charge.

Battery powered rider scrubber

Battery Powered Small Rider Scrubber Rental

Daily Weekly Monthly
$245 $795 $1995

This heavy duty ride on scrubber is a great rental choice if you have large areas to clean, but require a more maneuverable scrubber for narrow aisles or tight spaces, such as in a machine shop or hospital. The Tennant T12 can be used to clean any hard surface and has enough power to strip years of build-up from on a floor's surface. This machine runs up to 4 hours on a charge.

Tennant T12

Large Battery Powered Scrubber Sweeper Rental

Daily Weekly Monthly
$350 $1195 $2395

Rent the Tennant 7300 scrubber when you need a large rider scrubber/sweeper that is battery powered. This machine has the power and capacity of large propane powered equipment yet runs on industrial forklift batteries. It can clean up to 200,000 square feet on a single charge (depending on conditions), perfect for large food-manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and more. With front wheel drive and front wheel steering, this machine makes maneuvering into tight spaces a breeze.

Propane rider sweeper

Large LP Powered Scrubber Sweeper Rental

Daily Weekly Monthly
$545 $1695 $3995

The Tennant T20 and Tennant 7400 are quite possibly the most powerful and reliable propane powered industrial scrubber sweepers available for rent. Rent these machines when you have large areas such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, or parking garages to clean. With up to 600 pounds of available down pressure, these floor cleaning machines can power through almost any tough floor cleaning project.

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