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Tennant M30 Large Floor Sweeper-Scrubber


The Tennant M30 sweeper-scrubber is the most productive piece of equipment available if you have very large areas to keep clean. The Tennant M30 was designed for very large sweeping and scrubbing applications like parking garages, vast distribution centers and manufacturing plants. This versatile machine can sweep and scrub in a single pass. It can also be run as a dry sweeper when necessary.

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Available in gas, LP or diesel, take your productivity to a new level with the M30 ride on sweeper scrubber. The machine scrubs up to a 62” path with the optional scrubbing side brush. The large 75 gallon solution tanks, along with Tennant’s water saving options like “ES” recycling system for extended scrubbing, will keep your operator cleaning instead of dumping and refilling. The ec-H2O electrically converted water option virtually eliminates the need for detergents in some applications. ec-H2O also reduces water usage by about 70%, saving time and money.

Key Highlights

  • Clean large areas in a single pass
  • Use indoor or outdoor
  • Superior visibility
  • No-tool squeegee / brush access
  • Corrosion-resistant heavy gauge steel frame

We consider the M30 to be the ultimate machine for cleaning contractors that tackle large scrub out tasks. There are a variety of options that will help get the job done in different applications. An integral 2200 PSI power washer option allows your operator to quickly clean walls, corners and other tight areas. The off aisle power wand option will vacuum up the water where the machine can’t go. The Tennant M30 even offers an enclosed cab with heat and cooling to keep your operator comfortable in any environment.

M30 Large Integrated Rider Floor Scrubber Features:
  • Integrated scrubbing and sweeping system
  • 48" Scrub path, up to 62" with optional side brush
  • 390 Pounds of down pressure
  • Clean up to 218240 sq ft
  • Synthetic fiber panel dust control system - 3 Microns @ 99% efficiency dust filtration
  • EasyOpenTM service access
  • 14% Fewer parts
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Variable dump height up to 60"
  • Optional ec-H2O chemical-free cleaning system
  • Hygenic® cleanable tanks
  • Safety corner rollers
  • Hopper sensor
  • Underwriter's Laboratory certified
  • Break-away squeegee
  • Hydraulic technology
  • Variable drain valves
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Dual cylindrical brushes
  • Automatic shaker mechanism
  • Variable speed forward and reverse
M30 Machine Specs:
  • Available in gas, LP, or diesel
  • 75-Gallon solution tank
  • 95-Gallon recovery tank
  • 7-Cubic ft debris hopper
  • 650 lbs debris hopper
  • 35" Water lift
  • 18" Tires
  • 3" Ground clearance
  • Dimensions:  108" L x 59" W x 58" H, weighing 4,000 pounds
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    M30 Large Integrated Rider Floor Scrubber User Manual

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    M30 Large Integrated Rider Floor Scrubber Parts Manual

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    M30 Large Integrated Rider Floor Scrubber Brochure

Common Replacement Parts
Description Model SKU/EAN Price Quantity Add
Description: Engine Screw Vr Model: M20, M30, T20 SKU/EAN: 361901
Price: $5.30
Quantity: 1

Description: Nl Ss M10 X 1.50 X 35 Hexscrew Model: T20, M20, M30 SKU/EAN: 1202948
Price: $2.30
Quantity: 1

Description: CLIP, STUD Model: M30 SKU/EAN: 5280
Price: $2.80
Quantity: 1

Description: CONNECTOR ASSY, BLADE, MAL,.25 2TERMINAL Model: M30 SKU/EAN: 630456
Price: $7.60
Quantity: 1

Description: INSERT, ZN, M8-1.25 X 13MM, [SCREW-IN] Model: M20, M30, T20 SKU/EAN: 606853
Price: $3.20
Quantity: 1

Description: LABEL, LOGO, 02.8L 3COLOR [NOBLES] Model: M30 SKU/EAN: 1039088
Price: $3.20
Quantity: 1

Description: LABEL, SWITCH, SCRUB HEAD Model: M30 SKU/EAN: 1031984
Price: $3.20
Quantity: 1

Description: NUT, U, M8 X 1.25 Model: M30 SKU/EAN: 58595
Price: $2.80
Quantity: 1

Description: RIVET, BLIND, .188D X 0.13 X .25D, ALM Model: T20, M20, M30 SKU/EAN: 140711
Price: $2.40
Quantity: 1

Description: SCREW Model: M30 SKU/EAN: 1016219
Price: $3.20
Quantity: 1

Description: SEAL, ORG Model: M30 SKU/EAN: 1016290
Price: $3.20
Quantity: 1

Description: VR, NUT, M8 X 7.5 Model: M30 SKU/EAN: 612418
Price: $2.80
Quantity: 1

Description: VR, SCREW, M3 X 0.50 X 25 Model: M30 SKU/EAN: 613880
Price: $2.80
Quantity: 1

Description: VR, WASHER, FLAT [EN] Model: M20, M30, T17, 7300, 8300 SKU/EAN: 74096
Price: $2.00
Quantity: 1

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