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PowerBoss Sweepers

  • Picture for category Armadillo 10X

    Armadillo 10X

    Built to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges with a wide sweeping width, simple controls, and rotating hopper for extra space, this 74" liquid-cooled PowerBoss rider sweeper is perfect for indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs.

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  • Picture for category Armadillo 9X

    Armadillo 9X

    Designed for efficiency and reliability, this 64" liquid-cooled PowerBoss rider sweeper is perfect for demanding tasks in various environments. Plus, with a Kubota Tier IV engine and an all-steel frame, maintenance is a breeze.

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  • Picture for category Armadillo 6X

    Armadillo 6X

    Versatile and compact, this 53" liquid-cooled PowerBoss rider sweeper offers efficient cleaning solutions for a range of applications including mining, outdoor parking ramps, and warehouses.

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  • Picture for category Atlas


    Engineered for durability and performance, this robust 64" heavy-duty LPG PowerBoss rider sweeper is ideal for tough cleaning environments. Plus, easy maintenance and operator safety make it a top choice for rental companies.

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  • Picture for category Apex 58

    Apex 58

    Experience high-performance indoor/outdoor sweeping with this 45" battery-powered PowerBoss rider sweeper, featuring long run times up to 3 hrs and a convenient high dump feature for added efficiency.

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  • Picture for category Apex 47

    Apex 47

    Designed for heavy-duty industrial use with a steel frame and virtually indestructible panels, this 40" battery-powered PowerBoss rider sweeper ensures perfect sweeping results and easy maintenance.

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Our PowerBoss rider floor sweeper line stands out with impressive features:

  • Larger models are HEPA filter compliant with 99.9%¬†efficiency
  • Swing engine system allows you to rotate the engine out of the body for maintenance and repairs to be done with ease
  • Robust main broom systems
  • Ergonomically designed seating positions to reduce fatigue and maximize cleaning production
  • In compliance with all OSHA regulations

Our industrial rider sweepers excel in performance, dust control, and reliability. With models like Armadillo 6x, 9x, 10x, and Atlas (internal combustion) and Apex 47, and Apex 58, we offer the ideal sweeping solution for various applications such as parking ramps, warehouses, and construction sites. For additional floor cleaning solutions for your facility, explore our PowerBoss scrubbers.

Experience the PowerBoss sweeper difference.

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