Tennant T500/T500e Floor Scrubber

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Tennant T500 Floor Cleaning Machine
The Tennant T500 floor scrubber provides consistent results while lowering over all cleaning costs. It has a compact design yet is durable enough for daily industrial use. It is perfect for businesses small and large – retail shops, restaurants, grocery stores and warehouses. With a variety of brush sizes and styles up from 26” to 32”, the T500 can clean up to 25,000 square feet per hour.

Brush Deck Types & Benefits:

  1. Dual Disk – available in 26”, 28”, 32”, dual disks allow you to swap brushes around in order to help extend their life.
  2. Cylindrical – available in 28”, cylindrical brushes work well at picking up loose debris through method of passing the waste into a debris hopper before it reaches the vacuum.
  3. Orbital – available in a 28” rectangle, moves in a slight circular motion and allows for chemical-free floor finish removal, ex. removing wax from VCT tile.

The redesigned squeegee and integrated p-trap on the Tennant T500 improve water pickup, reducing the risk for slips and falls. With an auto-scrubber like the T500 you will have clean floors that will make a lasting impression, improve working conditions, and reduce your environmental impact. Extend your floor cleaning machine’s life and lower the cost of ownership with these optional technologies:

    Tennant T500 control panel
  • The T500 is a battery-powered floor scrubber with rechargeable batteries but adding the Smart-Fill Automatic Battery-Watering system means no more manual checking and filling – no more accidental overflows!
  • Ec-H20 Nano Clean turns water into a chemical-free cleaning solution.
  • IRIS Asset Manager lets you monitor your machines costs, trends and receive service notifications.
  • Pro-Panel LCD Touch Screen hosts on-demand training videos, pre-configuration permissions, battery charge indicator, and more – all in 28 languages!
  • On-board spray nozzle and hose
  • Water auto-fill and level monitor
  • Quiet-Mode set to 62 dBA

T500/T500e Features:

  • Scrub path: 26", 28", and 32"
  • Vacuum Motor: 0.75hp
  • Recovery Tank: 27 Gallons
  • Solution Tank: 22.5 Gallons
  • Coverage: aprox. 22,000 sqft/hr.
  • Battery run time: 5 hrs.
  • Sound Level: 66.5 dBA
  • Weight: 640 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 59.1"L x 30."W x 43.3"H

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Brush, 13" Disk Polypropylene T500 1223989
Brush, 13" Light Grit Disk T500 1223990
Brush, 13" Nylon Disk T500 1223991
Squeegee Blade Kit - Gum Rubber 500mm T500 9015730
Squeegee Blade Kit - Red (Standard) 500mm T500 9015731
Squeegee Blade Kit - Urethane 500mm T500 9015732
Tennant T500 26'' Disk Scrubber T500
Tennant T500 28'' Cylindrical Scrubber Sweeper T500 T500700C
Tennant T500e 26'' Disk Scrubber T500 T500e26D

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