Tennant 5700

Tennant 5700 Disk Cylindrical ActionAll walk behind scrubbers are not created equal! No matter the floor surface or cleaning environment the Tennant 5700 gets the job done. This machine is available in both a disk or cylindrical styled scrub head. The disk head is great for scrubbing, buffing and polishing smooth floors that have minimal debris. The cylindrical brush scrub head is designed for floors with debris, it picks up small debris while scrubbing to eliminate squeegee clogging, leaving you with a streak free floor. The 5700 comes equipped with easy to read guages as well as simple electrical controls.

The 5700 also comes in an upgraded version called the Tennant 5700 XP. The XP automates functions with electronics that are presettable in order to match your floor conditions. This allows for the machine to be preset, leaving the operator with only one button to press.

The Tennant 5700 became the #1 selling machine in industrial applications because it can handle tough environments and last for 10+ years. Experienced cleaning professionals know that these machines are the best long term value in the industry. They also have, by far, the highest resale value of any walk behind scrubber.

The 5700 uses heavy aluminum castings for the scrub deck and squeegees where others use painted steel. The rotationally molded tanks are made from almost indestructible polyethylene and carry an 8 year warranty.  Even the frame is made from a composite material that cannot rust. The bottom line is that you will always be able to work on your Tennant 5700 without fighting corroded parts and hardware.

The electrical system of the Tennant 5700 Scrubber is far better than most of its competitors. Wrapping the wires in Kevlar and using water tight, triple seal electrical connectors make this scrubber extremely reliable even in harsh, damp environments. Unfortunately, many competitive units cannot make these claims and begin to have electrical issues very early on.

The Tennant 5700 new or used is the most popular scrubber on the market today for a few simple reasons:

  • It is simply the most reliable, heavy duty scrubber ever made.
  • Parts and service support for this unit is by far the best of any scrubber on the market.
  • It has the longest life expectancy of any walk behind scrubber available.
  • Resale values for this unit are about double compared to their competition.

Already have a Tennant 5700, click here for the top Wear/Replacements Parts! 

5700 Battery-Powered, Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Features:

  • Disk or cylindrical scrub heads
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Thick polyethylene construction
  • Shock-absorbing frame
  • Brush speeds up to 750 rpm
  • Fully adjustable down pressure up to 300 pounds
  • Large demisting chamber
  • 30-Gallon solution tank
  • 40-Gallon recovery tank
  • Aluminum scrub head
  • Aluminum squeegee assembly
  • Battery power
  • Break away squeegee
  • Estimated coverage of 21,000 sq/ft per hour
  • (2) 0.6 HP brush motors
  • 0.8 HP vac motor
  • 36-Volt battery system
  • Operates at 75 dBA
  • Units are available in three different scrub paths - 28", 32", or 36"
  • Dimensions:  64" L x 38" W x 43" H, 817 pounds
  • Smart ergonomic features, including a height-adjustable console that puts controls within easy reach

Common Replacement Parts

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Description Model SKU/EAN Price Quantity Add
14" Nylon Brush - 2-Required 5680, 5700 222321
700/28" Cylindrical Abrasive Brush 5680, 5700, 7100, 7200, T7 222306
700/28' Nylon Cylindrical Brush - 222305 5680, 5700, 7100, 7200, T7 222305
800/32" Cylindrical Brush Abrasive Bristle 5680, 5700, 7100, T5, T7 222309
Brush Cylindrical 700/28" Polypropylene 2-Required 5680, 5700, T7 222304
Brush Cylindrical 700/28" Stiff Polypropylene 5680, 5700, T7 374041
Brush Cylindrical 800/32" Polypropylene 2-Required T5 222307
Brush Cylindrical 800/32" Polypropylene Stiff 2-Required T5 374042
Front Squeegee 36"/47.4" - Urethane 222434 5680, 5700, 7200, T15 222434

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