Tennant M20 Rider Floor Sweeper-Scrubber

The Tennant M20 Gas, LPG, and Diesel floor scrubbers have become the new industry standard for internal combustion powered scrubber-sweepers. This fully integrated floor cleaning machine is capable of heavy scrubbing, dry sweeping, and accomplishing both tasks at once. Tennant originated and perfected the concept of a front wheel drive/front wheel steer scrubber sweeper. This system allows operators to clean into corners easily maneuver around obstacles. Seating the operator up front provides excellent visibility for optimal cleaning while maximizing operator safety.

Tennant M20 rider in action

Scrubber Sweeper designs over the years were typically very complicated. Machine designs tried to incorporate 2 machines in one with separate sweeping and scrubbing systems. The result was equipment with many moving parts requiring very complicated hydraulics and controls. Tennant’s M20 and the larger M30 designs reduced the need for 2 cleaning systems. This machine, available in LP/Propane, Gas, or Diesel, has all the advantages of previous sweeper scrubbers while eliminating half of the parts necessary to make it work. With the touch of a button operators can transition from a scrubber/sweeper to dry sweeping. The “high dump” feature is the first of its kind for a scrubber sweeper. Operators can empty the debris hopper automatically into containers as tall as 60”.

Simple design and heavy duty construction make this the most reliable scrubber sweeper available today. Enhanced visibility and extreme maneuverability will keep your operator safe and productive.

You really need to see the M20 in action to appreciate it!

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Tennant M20 Rider Scrubber-Sweeper Features:

  • ESTM Extended Scrubbing w/Detergent Metering
  • Front Wheel Steering
  • Thermo-Sentry, Fire Safety
  • ec-H2OTM Technology
  • Hygenic tanks
  • Touch-N-Go, Intuitive Control Panel
  • Grip-N-Go, Corner Roller
  • FloorSmartTM, one pass cleaning wet or dry
  • Variable Drain Valves, water control
  • Dust Control System

Common Replacement Parts

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Description Model SKU/EAN Price Quantity Add
40" Polyester Cylindrical Brush M20, T20 1027697
Brush Cylindrical 40" Poly Window M20 1040524
Brush Cylindrical 40" Polypropylene M20 1026223
Brush Cylindrical 40" Polypropylene Stiff M20 1030969
Brush Cylindrical 40" Super Abrasive M20 1026222
Key Ignition, [Set Of 2] M20, M30, T20 87866
MAINT KIT, 400HR [M20/T20/M30 LPG] M20, M30, T20 9002554
Side Brush Squeegee Blade M20, T20 1047238
Spark Plug GM, 1PICK=1PLUG M20 372575

Items 1 to 9 of 19 total

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