Factory Cat 34 Floor Sweeper

The Factory Cat Model 34 walk behind sweeper is probably the best floor cleaning machine value in the history of sweeper history. The engineer that designed this machine believed that the best design was one that accomplished a goal with the least amount of parts. The result was a machine that is relatively inexpensive to build, effective at its job, and very reliable. In my 20+ years of selling floor cleaning equipment I have never seen a machine that was more loved by our customers!

Why choose Factory Cat model 34:

The Factory Cat model 34 sweeps up to 30,000 square feet per hour. That is about 10 times faster than a person can sweep by hand. Labor savings is the number one reason people purchase and lease these sweepers. The model 34 can be leased for about $140 per month or just $7 per work day. Companies that sweep regularly typically save at least $300 - $400 per month in reduced labor costs.

Factory Cat model 34 angle view

Besides labor savings, our customers like the Model 34 because it sweeps better than person with a broom ever could. The Main Broom under the machine spins at 300 RPM sweeping up everything from fine dust to heavy objects like chunks of pallets and rocks. It actually leaves a shiny burnished look on many floors. The side broom mounted on the front of the machine, pulls debris from under racks and shelves as well as from expansion joints and cracks in the floor. The side broom is mounted on a shock absorbing bracket allowing operators to sweep close to racks and walls without risking damage to the machine.

Many customers don’t realize that effective dust control is probably the most important attribute that any power sweeper must have. Without excellent dust control a sweeper simply makes the fine dust airborne and it eventually settles back on your product, racks, floors, etc. The Factory Cat 34 has a very unique dust control system. A turbine moves a very large volume of air through a “bag house” type filter. These filters can last the life of the machine in many cases. They provide consistent results over the life of the filter. Daily cleaning involves turning a simple agitation bar. Performance is restored to 100% each time you agitate the filter. Other sweepers use disposable paper filters to trap dust; They work well when they are first installed, however, they are difficult to clean thoroughly and the performance of the machine is reduced each day until a new filter is purchased.

You really have to see the Factory Cat 34 work in person to appreciate it. Give us a call and we will bring one out to your facility for a test drive!

Call 800-793-3790 for more information or to schedule your free demonstration


pdf   34 User Manual   pdf   34 Parts Manual   pdf   34 Brochure

Factory Cat Model 34 Battery-Powered, Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper Features:

  • All steel construction
  • Baghouse filter
  • 2.0 Cubic ft. hopper capacity
  • 34" Cleaning path
  • 70 dBA operating sound level
  • Low battery indicator
  • Central command energy management system
  • Battery power
  • Self propelled
  • Fully-adjustable stainless handlebar
  • Oversized battery
  • Onboard charger
  • Large side broom
  • Self-adjusting main broom
  • 3-5 hour battery run time
  • Direct throw sweeping
  • Clean up to 30,000 ft./hr.

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