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How to Remove Tire Marks From Warehouse Floors

You don't have to live with tire marks on your warehouse floors! Learn the best ways to clean rubber tire marks from sealed and epoxy coated floors to keep your surfaces clean and safe.

What is the Most Effective Disinfectant or Sanitizer for my Application?

Learn the 5 criteria you should pay attention to when it comes to choosing the most effective disinfectant or sanitizer chemical for your floor or hard surface.

Understanding OSHA's Silica Standard

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has significantly reduced the permissible exposure level (PEL) of silica dust to help protect over 2.3 million American workers currently exposed to respiratory crystalline silica dust in the workplace.

Do You Really Need an Electrostatic Sprayer to Apply Disinfectant?

Do you really need an electrostatic sprayer for your facility? Learn why electrostatic disinfectant sprayers can be an effective, cost-saving tool to create a healthier workspace.

Disinfection Habits to Continue During the COVID-19 Era

Learn why the dependable disinfection habits we’ve always recommended should still be at the top of your list now during the COVID-19 era.

"We love our machine!" | Bulldog Floor Scrubber Review

Meet Drew Bignall, owner of Mission Crossfit in San Antonio, TX! He's been a Bulldog Scrubber owner for the past few years, and wanted to let us know how his machine has been helping him keep his gym safe and ready for a smooth re-opening.

Gym Sanitation Best Practices

GYM SANITATION BEST PRACTICES - The following steps are ways to disinfect your environment as much as possible!

Sanitization Protocol for Gyms

The following is a list of “Best Practices” for cleaningand disinfecting your gym. Please note that no facility can ever be 100% disinfected. All we can do is our best. We owe it to our valued customers to do everything we canto provide a safe environment to work out.

Why You Must Sanitize and disinfect Food & Beverage Facilities During and After COVID-19

Presently, essential businesses who provide life-sustaining functions, specifically those that fall within the food supply chain, face new challenges in keeping their product, employees, and customers safe when it comes to their cleaning and sanitization procedures. Now, is the time business owners and managers need to establish upgraded sanitization practices to meet immediate and upcoming needs. Businesses including grocery stores, restaurants, breweries, and beverage distribution centers, as well as those that supply food packaging, distribution, and fulfillment now have greater guidance specifically for COVID-19 for maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

COVID-19: Deep Clean Floors Before Reopening Your Facility or Business

The Coronavirus pandemic has put life as we knew it on pause for an unknown amount of time. Most businesses are closed for the common good, and the last thing we want is for anything to reopen before it's safe to do so. However, there is no denying that there will likely be a new normal once coronavirus restrictions are lifted and businesses start to reopen to employees and customers. As the managers of warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other essential businesses performing life-sustaining functions, and as decision-makers for retail stores, schools, or colleges that have been ordered to temporarily close or suspend operations, it's your job to make sure that your facility has reached a new standard of clean – and that cleaning protocol going forward continually meets those standards.

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