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Your Gym is Closed – What Can You Do to Help Your Business?

During the coronavirus crisis, what can you do to manage your business, communicate with your gym members, & prepare to reopen your gym? Rick Schott, president of Factory Cleaning Equipment, shares his thoughts:

"We have been thinking a lot about you these days. My heart goes out to every small business in America that has been forced to close. The people who run privately held gyms in America are a strong, smart, group of people who will figure out a way to survive. No doubt in my mind. I wanted to offer you a few ideas from my experiences gained from keeping a business going for 25 years in case you hadn’t already thought of them."

Why It Is Important to Keep Your Floors Clean

It's true - floors are the biggest germ collector in your facility. Check out our Infographic to learn why it's so important to keep your floors clean!

A Spring Cleaning Guide for Your Floor Scrubber & Sweeper

You're busy cleaning your facility - but don't forget to clean your floor scrubber too! Get optimal results with these floor cleaning machine maintenance tips.

Why Your Facility Needs a Deep Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time of year to air things out and deep clean. From scrubbing dust and allergens to sweeping up neglected parking lots, learn why you should start with your industrial facility's floors first.

Your Guide to Floor Scrubber Pads

It's time to think beyond brushes for your industrial floor scrubber. Pads are a great way clean and polish many different types of floors, from concrete in warehouses and manufacturing facilities to decorative flooring in retail shops. We break down the types of pads that you need and how to use them on your floor scrubber.

Proper Battery Storage and Maintenance for Floor Scrubbers

What's one of the best ways to save money in your industrial facility? Properly maintaining and storing your floor scrubber and sweeper batteries. Learn how battery care will keep your machines running safely and efficiently.

New Floor Care Routine for the New Year

The new year is here! What better resolution could you make than to commit to a safer, more effective floor care routine for your facility? Get our checklist for floor care success and your floor cleaning machine will become the best tool in your facilities maintenance arsenal.

Propane Tank Care and Maintenance for Your LP Rider

Did you know that a well-maintained propane tank should last 10 years? Learn how proper propane tank care and maintenance will extend the life of the tank, keep your facility safe, and keep your LP rider floor scrubber out on the floor longer.

Prep Your Facility Now for Winter Weather

Do you have a plan to keep your facility clean once winter weather hits? Learn how a floor scrubber can tackle snow and slush to keep your floors clean & safe. We break down the type of machine you should purchase or rent to deal with winter weather at your facility, whether it's a big box store or a large manufacturing plant.

Get a Cheap Scrubber Online? Think Again

You have your heart set on a floor scrubber or sweeper when you see a similar version online that costs 75% less. It's time to buy, right? Think again! Read our true story to learn why you shouldn't be tempted by those cheap floor scrubbers you find on the web.

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