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Prep Your Facility Now for Winter Weather

Do you have a plan to keep your facility clean once winter weather hits? Learn how a floor scrubber can tackle snow and slush to keep your floors clean & safe. We break down the type of machine you should purchase or rent to deal with winter weather at your facility, whether it's a big box store or a large manufacturing plant.

Get a Cheap Scrubber Online? Think Again

You have your heart set on a floor scrubber or sweeper when you see a similar version online that costs 75% less. It's time to buy, right? Think again! Read our true story to learn why you shouldn't be tempted by those cheap floor scrubbers you find on the web.

Personal Protective Equipment for Cleaning Equipment Operators

It’s important to know the correct safety measures to take before you or your staff use a walk-behind or rider floor scrubber. Learn about the Personal Protective Equipment that should be used when operating or servicing your floor scrubber or sweeper.

Get Your Floors Clean and Save with Section 179

It's never too early to start planning for tax time! Did you know that purchasing or leasing a floor cleaning machine for your business today could save you money on next year’s taxes? Learn more about the Section 179 deduction for businesses.

Who Should Rent a Floor Scrubber?

Should you rent a floor scrubber or sweeper? Renting a floor cleaning machine can be the right choice for some facilities. Learn who should rent a floor scrubber and why it might make sense for you.

My Floor Scrubber Isn’t Working Very Well - Do I Need a New One?

Just because your floor scrubber may not clean or dry the floors like it used to doesn't necessarily mean you need a new one. Check out 5 reasons why your floor scrubber may not be working very well and learn simple fixes you can do to make your machine run like new.

The Sweeper Service

Our team of professionally trained service technicians are committed to repairing all makes and models of floor cleaning equipment to make sure your machine is always running in top shape.

Stop Struggling to Keep Your Business Clean

Stop struggling to keep your business clean! Learn how a Bulldog floor scrubber will save you time and money while keeping your customers happy.

Why Your Facility Needs an Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine

Learn why an industrial floor cleaning machine should be your number one tool when it comes to making your warehouse or factory safe and productive.

Which is for You? Renting vs Leasing a Floor Scrubber

When looking for a floor cleaning machine, you may wonder what's the best option for you. Is it renting, leasing, or straight out purchasing a machine? This one is for you. Click here to learn which option is right for you and your unique situation.

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