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Tennant M17 Battery Powered Sweeper Scrubber


Meet the Tennant M17 battery-powered rider sweeper scrubber. This extremely reliable floor cleaning machine allows you to cut costs while keeping your facility clean. Maintain the safety and health of your employees thanks to two-stage dust control, excellent water pickup, and Tennant’s virtually detergent-free ec-H2O technology.

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Use the M17 sweeper scrubber with minimal training thanks to easy-to-use controls right on the steering wheel. Ideal for thoroughly cleaning floors in warehouses, manufacturing plants, airplane hangers, sports arenas, large event halls and retails spaces. The Tennant M17 allows you to keep your business running smoothly with minimal interruption.

Tennant M17 Key Highlights

  • Standard dual sweeping side brushes
  • Powered high dumper
  • Superior dust control
  • Clean large areas in a single pass
Tennant M17 Battery-Powered Sweeper-Scrubber Features:
  • Battery powered for fume-free cleaning
  • 36" sweeping path - estimated cleaning area: 162,140 sq. ft.
  • 40" scrubbing path - estimated cleaning area: 116,160 sq. ft.
  • Disk or cylindrical scrub heads
  • 75 gallon solution tank
  • 91 gallon recovery tank
  • 1-Step™ One Button Scrub Operation
  • Demisting Chamber
  • SmartRelease™ Breakaway Rear Squeegee
  • Recovery tank debris tray
  • Sound level as low as 75 dBA
  • Dimensions: 112" x 54" x 58.25"
  • Optional pressure washer with 2500 psi spray
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    Tennant M17 Battery-Powered Sweeper-Scrubber Parts Manual

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    Tennant M17 Battery-Powered Sweeper-Scrubber Brochure


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