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Cool Breeze Tank Deodorizer for your Floor Scrubber

Use Factory Cleaning Equipment Chemicals and get a free lifetime performance guarantee

WE STAND BEHIND OUR CHEMICAL - Lifetime Performance Guarantee

Using the wrong cleaning chemicals in your equipment can cause premature corrosion as well as the failure of many expensive parts. That is why we offer cleaning chemical specifically designed for floor scrubbers. We believe in our product so much that if you use it in your machine you get our free lifetime performance guarantee. This means that any part of your machine that comes in contact with our detergents is automatically protected with a lifetime warranty.

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We’ve long been conditioned to judge the cleaning power of soap by the bubbles it produces. However, science tells a different story. Whether you’re washing your floors, cleaning dishes, or doing the laundry, the suds you are seeing are not actually doing the cleaning. These are just soap molecules trapping air in a spherical pocket. While bubbles are quite attractive to look at, that may be all they are good for. In fact, it’s the soap molecules in the water that holds the true cleaning power. Therefore, the more suds you see does not automatically mean the better you are cleaning. Read more here Everything in Moderation: A Scrubber's Guide to Soap

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