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The Dirt on Cleaning Detergents and Chemicals

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Whether using a floor scrubber or not, there are a lot of choices when it comes to floor cleaning detergents and chemicals. Is it harmful to the environment? Is it organic? How much do I use? What types of flooring can I use this on? Will it make my skin peel off? Well that escalated quickly… We get it, it’s overwhelming!

How do I know what I need?

You’ll find that many cleaning detergents seem very similar but they actually do perform different functions. It is important to know what you are trying to clean up so that you’re putting the appropriate solution down and getting the expected results. Do you need to get grease out, tire marks up, soils, all of these? We thoroughly explain what each of our cleaning products has in them with safety data sheets (SDS), but if you’d rather just ask the experts, call 800-793-3790.

What cleaning detergent options do we carry?

We have several environmentally friendly products that are safe to handle with bare hands (we still always recommend wearing protective gear) and are non-toxic, such as Clean & Green pre-measured packets. More stubborn grease marks or tire stains require a stronger solution, for example: BlueBlast, Burnout, and SuperCitrus. We also offer a chemical dispensing system that allows you to safely keep a compact dispenser filled with concentrated detergent - the CLEAN2O system. This system allows for easy refilling of your floor scrubbers, buckets and spray bottles. The beauty of CLEAN2O is that you only pay for what you use; we come and refill your dispenser on a designated schedule.

Cleaning technologies – no chemicals!

Cleaning without harmful chemicals has been made possible through advancements in the floor cleaning industry over the years. First there is Tennant’s ec-H2O system that infuses water with oxygen bubbles by means of an electric current. The charged water packs the power of a general purpose cleaner by attacking dirt and breaking it into smaller particles to be wiped away. Second is Tomcat’s  Zero3 ‘Aqueous Ozone’ technology, which is created similarly to ec-H2O but the oxygenated nanobubbles of the aqueous ozone have been proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria. Spray an onion and the smell disappears! This particular system can be manufactured with the Sport, Carbon, and Hero Tomcat machines or set up as a wall-mounted unit to fill spray bottles and buckets. Both are great options for facilities like schools, hospitals, veterinary clinics, and restaurants because you’re not using potentially harmful chemicals near people, pets, or food.

To recap

First you want to really pinpoint what you’re trying to clean up – tire marks, grease, light soils, everyday dirt? Next, take a look at our main detergents page, it shows each option with a 1-sentence description to make it easier to narrow your choices down. If you want an environmentally friendly cleaner, start with Clean & Green. If Clean & Green isn’t strong enough for your needs, start with the SuperCitrus. We’re always a chat box or call away (800-793-3790)! 

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