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Clean & Green

Super Concentrate Cleaner

Clean & Green is a neutral pH detergent that is safe to use on any type of flooring. Formulated through a partnership with the US EPA, you don’t have to worry about harmful effects to skin or the environment. A floor cleaner like Clean & Green may be gentle enough for contact but it doesn’t skimp on effectiveness. It tackles a wide range of demanding applications for a clean, residue free floor. The pre-measured packets make filling your floor scrubber easy with no need to worry about using too much or too little anymore!

Clean and Green Detergent Box


  • Neutral pH
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Dye and fragrance free
  • Reduces freight and inventory costs
  • Pre-measured packets reduce waste
  • Stable and non-flammable formula
  • Provides standardization and uniform results

Recommended Uses

  • Hard floors (all types)
  • General cleaning and degreasing
  • Floor scrubbers
  • Mop buckets

Packaging Options

  • 24/15 oz. packets
  • 48/5 oz. packets
  • 80/2 oz. packets

Clean & Green is safe for daily use on floor surfaces without the need to rinse. For businesses that have heavy food, human, and animal contact – veterinary clinics, schools, hospitals, airports - it is a great option. You’ll spend less time messing with measuring and filling chemicals, reduce freight and handling costs, and free up floor space with Clean & Green.

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