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Clean2o Chemical System


CLEAN2o is a simplified chemical system that allows you to always have the cleaning chemical that you need to keep your facility at its cleanest. There are two different kinds of Ultra Concentrated detergents available, Green Cleaner and Heavy Duty Degreaser. Our team of trained professionals will come to your facility, run some tests and give you a recommendation on which of these two chemicals will best suit your needs.


Clean2o chemical dispenser

Powerful and Safe Cleaner

  • Non-Corrosive formula
  • Environmentally friendly

Sustainable cleaning solution

  • No drum deposits or disposal
  • No packaging


  • Includes precision dispenser system for accurate dilution
  • Super concentrated
  • Periodic refills; Pay only for chemical used


  • Emulsifies most difficult soils
  • Superior cleaning power for grease, oil, lubricants, tire marks and ink
  • Use in auto scrubber, mop buckets and as a sprayer cleaner

Green Cleaner


HD Degreaser

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