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Keep on Sweepin' On - Parking Lot and Deck Maintenance


An Attractive Parking Lot Attracts More Business

Consider this - your customer experience doesn't start when they walk in the door of your building, it starts in the parking lot or parking garage. Is your parking experience diminishing the brand image you've worked so hard at building? There are all kinds of dirt and garbage that can start to build up on the ground of your parking lot which will quickly squash the impression you're making with your current and/or future customers.  

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Tennant M30 Sweeper-Scrubber

Tennant M30 Sweeper Scrubber for Parking Lot Cleaning 

PowerBoss Nautilus Hi-Dump Sweeper-Scrubber

PowerBoss Nautilus High Dump Sweeper Scrubber for Parking Lot Cleaning

Other Models

Tennant S20 - Sweeper
Tennant S30 - Sweeper
Tennant M20 - Sweeper-Scrubber
Tennant M30 - Sweeper-Scrubber
Tennant T20 - Scrubber

Other Models

PowerBoss Atlas - Sweeper
PowerBoss Armadillo 6X - Sweeper
PowerBoss Armadillo 9X - Sweeper
PowerBoss Armadillo 10X - Sweeper
PowerBoss Nautilus Hi-Dump (HD) - Sweeper-Scrubber
PowerBoss Nautilus - Scrubber

Imagine you are a property manager, managing several apartment buildings and you're trying to make your residents feel "at home." How do you think they will feel if they have to park their cars in a parking garage that is full of garbage and debris? Think of restaurants, hospitals, or schools, where cleanliness is critical to the success of the business. Suppose you have the cleanest restaurant in town but you can't even get people to get out of their car to come in and see it!

Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. sells new and used parking lot sweepers, scrubbers, as well as scrubber sweepers nation wide. However, if you're not looking to purchase, we also have a large inventory of rental machines in the Charlotte and Chicago areas.

Who Needs One?

We have a large inventory of sweepers and scrubbers for your parking lot or parking garage from Tennant and PowerBoss. When choosing a machine for cleaning parking sufaces, propane is preferred over battery-powered. Battery units simply do not have the power and runtime to climb ramps.

Another thing to keep in mind is the capacity of the hopper. The hopper is the part of the sweeper that holds all the dirt, debris, and garbage being swept off your parking surfaces. This may go without saying but if you own a business with high parking lot traffic, you're going to want to keep your parking structure well-maintained.

PowerBoss Atlas Sweeper in a Parking Lot of Parking Garage

Think about a sweeper or scrubber for your parking lot if you own or operate a...  

  • Industrial Park
  • Business Park
  • Shopping Mall
  • Grocery Store
  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Distribution Center
  • Retail Store
  • High School
  • College or University
  • Apartment Complexe
  • Commercial Parking Garage
  • Department Store
  • Restaurant
  • Etc.

 Learn more about the benefits of using a sweeper in the article
5 Benefits of Using a Sweeper for Parking Lot Maintenance 

High traffic parking structures will require more frequent cleaning as these are more susceptible to dirt and debris. The size and degree of cleaning will determine what brand and model sweeper you buy. Factory Cleaning Equipment has over 24 years of experience in the parking lot sweeping equipment industry and can help you compare models until you make the right choice for your application.

The Combination Scrubber Sweeper

Most higher profile parking garages no longer just sweep to maintain their garage.  For many reasons a machine that scrubs & sweeps makes the most sense.

The most common configuration for a multi-level parking deck with a coated or membrane floor is as follows:

  • LP, Gasoline, or Diesel Powered  (remember battery units simply do not have the power & runtime to climb ramps)
  • Scrubber Sweeper Style Units with cylindrical brushes
  • On-Board High-Pressure Washer option for cleaning difficult to access areas and stubborn stains that the brushes will not remove
  • Strobe Light, Back Up Alarm, Head & Tail Lights
  • Urethane Squeegee Blades
  • Poly Brushes

The reasons for scrubbing include:

  • Maintaining a high-profile image; First impressions are everything.  When a customer pulls into a filthy poorly lit garage they immediately have a negative impression of your facility.
  • Keeping the garage dust free will help keep your customers cars clean.  One of the biggest contributors of dust in a garage is the rubber fines from tire wear.  In many poorly maintained garages you can see this rubber dust along edges and ramps.
  • Removing oil stains where cars drip.  Oil stains can be a liability for slip and fall in empty parking spots.
  • Lighting Reflectivity;  Many people don’t realize what a huge role the floors play in lighting your facility.  A clean floor will dramatically increase the brightness of the garage.  Increased lighting will enhance the safety and image of your garage.
  • Removing odor causing bacteria.  Over time garages will accumulate residue from food and beverage spills.  If not properly cleaned the garage will begin to have a bad odor.


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