Bulldog Micro scrubber

Stop Spreading Germs with Your Mop and Bucket

i-mop alternative floor scrubber

The Bulldog Micro uses only clean water and detergent to remove soils and germs from your facility floors. The fresh water tank directly supplies the Micro's two powerful scrub brushes for the most aggressive cleaning. Its curved squeegee and industrial strength vacuum then remove soil from your floors into a separate tank. Your old mop and bucket simply spreads these soils around your kitchens, restrooms, dining areas, industrial shops and wherever you may be mopping.

Bulldog Micro Scrubber

Superior Results in a Fraction of the Time

At a rate of 5,000 square feet per hour, the Bulldog Micro will cut your labor costs of floor cleaning by over 60%! The Bulldog Micro can be leased for around $2.00 per day. In most cases your labor costs for floor cleaning will be reduced by $10.00 to $15.00 per day!

Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents!

With proper cleaning technique and detergent the Bulldog Micro will leave your kitchen, retail, shop and any other floor clean, dry and slip free. The Bulldog Micro is the best insurance you can have to prevent costly slip, trip and fall lawsuits.

A good fit for, but not limited to the following applications:

Doctors Offices Public pools
Classrooms Bakeries
Offices Kitchens
Fitness Centers  

Bulldog Micro Can Be Used In All Types of Businesses

Industrial Shop

i-mop alternative in Tool Shop


i-mop alternative in restaurant


i-mop alternative in retail store

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