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Certified Bulldog Clean

Is your facility certified?

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What does Certified Bulldog Clean mean?

The Bulldog Clean certification seal verifies that a gym has invested in equipment and detergents that make it possible to reach a champion level of cleanliness. A Certified Bulldog Clean gym has committed to following the cleaning protocols for mat and other floor surfaces as outlined by the equipment experts at Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. (FCE) in order to maintain an exceptionally clean facility for members and clients to workout in.

Certified Bulldog Clean facilities own the Bulldog floor scrubber, a superior floor cleaning tool which can remove dirt from gym floor mats more effectively than a mop and bucket. Using the Bulldog scrubber, gym mats can be cleaned continually with a clean water solution in a process that ensures the mats do not come in contact with contaminated dirty water as the floor mats are scrubbed clean.

A Certified Bulldog Clean seal means that facility has resolved to follow the “Best Practices for Cleaning Your Matting and Other Floor Surfaces” as outlined by the FCE equipment experts, including the regular use of recommended eco-friendly cleaning chemicals.

How does the Bulldog Scrubber work?

The clean water solution on the Bulldog floor scrubber is kept in the solution tank and is always separate from the dirty water that is held in the recovery tank. As the clean solution is fed from the tank onto the floor mats, the scrub brush rotating at 180 RPM with forceful down pressure is applied to the floor mats and they are scrubbed noticeably cleaner. The down pressure and brush speed attained using the Bulldog scrubber is impossible to replicate manually. Chalk and sweat marks are practically erased. As the machine scrubs the mats thoroughly, the dirty water that is created is then vacuumed up through a unique squeegee system that leaves the mats virtually bone dry. The dirty water is held in a tank that can be emptied and easily cleaned after use. This process using the Bulldog floor scrubber leaves the floor mats extremely clean.

Bulldog Scrubber cleaing gym mats

Did You know...

“Investigators have shown that mop water becomes increasingly dirty during cleaning and becomes contaminated if soap and water is used rather than a disinfectant” according to the CDC. A mop that is not cleaned, dried, and stored properly after use can be a breeding ground for bacteria. A Certified Bulldog Clean facility owns a tool that can eliminate these concerns from their floor cleaning regimen.

Dirty mop bucket in gym

Maintaining healthy, sanitary mats for members or clients to workout on is a priority to Certified Bulldog Clean facilities so much so that they have sought out the #1 floor scrubber of gyms in the country, the Bulldog floor scrubber.

How does my facility become Certified Bulldog Clean?

Bulldog floor scrubber owners must follow the “Best Practices for Cleaning Your Matting and Other Floor Surfaces” as outlined by the FCE equipment experts. This includes cleaning with the proper cleaning agents, methods, and frequency to maintain a Certified Bulldog Clean facility.

Certified Bulldog Clean facilities will be awarded an authentic Certified Bulldog Clean certificate as well as the Certified Bulldog Clean seal to be displayed on the facility’s website and within the facility itself for members to see that their gym maintains the high cleaning standards outlined in the “Best Practices for Cleaning Your Matting and Other Floor Surfaces.”

Contact us today to learn how your gym can become a Certified Bulldog Clean facility: 800-793-3790

Is My Gym Certified Bulldog Clean?

Look for this Seal on your gym’s website or displayed at the facility.

Bulldog Clean Badge

Certified Bulldog Clean Facilities

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