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Tomcat 255 Rider Floor Burnisher

Tomcat 255

Tomcat’s battery-powered 255 rider burnisher is designed to operate quietly while preventing dust from spreading which is great for schools, hospitals, malls, museums, airports, and grocery/retail facilities.  Its commercial construction, size and performance make it a great choice to polish floors. The 255 is smaller than most walk-behinds and has a 35% wider path. It can make even the oldest concrete shine like a mirror – fume free – with its 4 hour run time! Did you know you can save money on your electric bill because highly polished floors reflect light more evenly? You’ll spend even less money because you won’t have to refinish, recoat and machine scrub. Most importantly, dust control comes as a standard feature so there is no need to mop the floor after buffing. The pad pressure on the 255 rider is variable and combined with the driver and floating head design, it delivers a stunning finish on even or uneven floors.

Tomcat 255 floor burnisher

Tomcat Chart Topping Productivity:

  1. Motor is guarded from dust with a cover and dual fresh air intakes
  2. Improved dust control and collection
  3. Out performs propane
  4. Easy access to parts and pads mean less time maintaining

The head on the Tomcat 255 is fully floating and balanced to provide a long lasting finish to uneven flooring. The burnishing deck is completely protected underneath the machine but is easily accessed by tipping back the machine. Preventative maintenance is a breeze with the built-in hour meter and deluxe instrument cluster. The optional onboard charger allows operators to burnish a large area and recharge at any wall outlet.

Tomcat 255 Burnisher

 Some popular features include:

  • Maximum battery package for at least 4 hours of run time
  • Balanced deck shroud for superior shine and dust control
  • The lightweight hood opens completely for greater access in maintenance
  • Extend run time by 25% with extra batteries (optional)
  • Smaller but more powerful than most walk-behinds
Tomcat 255 Rider Floor Burnisher Features:
  • Burnisher Pad Diameter: 20" and 27"
  • Motor HP: 4hp
  • Variable Pad Pressure: 10-75 lbs.
  • Productivity: 39,900 sq. ft./hr
  • Vacuum Type: Passive or Active
  • Battery Run Time: Up to 4 hours
  • Weight (lbs., with batteries): 1,072
  • DImensions (LxWxH): 54.5" x 25" x 50"
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    Tomcat 255 Rider Floor Burnisher Parts Manual

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