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Tennant Carpet Extractors

  • Picture for category Tennant 1610

    Tennant 1610

    Dual Technology Battery-Powered, Walk-Behind Carpet Cleaner/Extractor

    EXPLORE Tennant 1610
  • Picture for category Tennant E5

    Tennant E5

    Cord-Electric, Walk-Behind Carpet Extractor

    EXPLORE Tennant E5
  • Picture for category Tennant R3

    Tennant R3

    Cord-Electric, Walk-Behind Carpet Extractor with ReadySpace® technology

    EXPLORE Tennant R3
  • Picture for category Tennant R14

    Tennant R14

    Dual Technology Battery-Powered, Rider Carpet Cleaner/Extractor

    EXPLORE Tennant R14

Deep clean and remove carpet stains and odors with Tennant's deep cleaning carpet extractors. With Tennant's ReadySpace™ technology, you can remove soil before it becomes deeply embedded and leave your carpets dry and ready in less than 30 minutes. A variety of options give you maximum flexibility to clean in large or small spaces, including riders, pull back, and forward push designs.

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