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Basic Scrubber & Sweeper Maintenance


Cars and trucks are both considered vehicles that can get you to the same place – your goal destination. They have their differences but when it comes to keeping them both running efficiently, regular maintenance is a requirement, we all know that. While it should be noted that scrubbers and sweepers are also very different machines, the main goal is a clean floor and they too share similar requirements when it comes to maintenance.

Basic Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean or replace filters
  • Check for wear/damage on brushes, skirts and squeegees
  • Check the tension and wear on belts
  • Clean recovery tanks, debris trays and hoppers
  • Check for leaks DAILY!
  • Monitor battery water levels, connections for corrosion
  • Check tire pressure/assess any damage

Those are just some of the basics that need to be done consistently (email us for a full checklist). Of course we recommend using factory-trained service technicians for most maintenance work, mainly because warranties can be involved and if not done correctly, warranties can be voided. That being said, there are plenty of people who buy parts from us that can install them on their own – brushes, squeegees, etc. are easy enough for the average handy-andy to manage!

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

  • Reduce overall operating costs and down time
  • Receive reports after each PM that identify unusual wear or other potentially expensive problems
  • Regular PM customers spend 30% less on parts and service over the life of their machine!
  • Travel charges are included – PM programs are flat rates

Not only can PM programs save you money, they can save you time. Do any of your associates have time to dedicate to maintaining a floor scrubber or sweeper on top of their existing duties? Do they have technical knowledge and replacement parts on hand? If so, great! If not, consider investing in Planned Maintenance for your floor cleaning equipment. It isn’t something you have to do today or tomorrow but if you’d like to extend the life of your scrubber and/or sweeper, let Factor Cleaning Equipment help you today!

If you follow us on YouTube, check out our How To videos like this one on changing the squeegee on a floor scrubber.

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