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Choosing the Right Detergent

Whether using a walk behind scrubber, riding floor scrubber, or simply a mop and bucket, choosing the appropriate detergent can save you time and money.  At Factory Cleaning Equipment, we offer high quality, specially formulated detergents that can be used for a variety of applications. Emulsifiers, degreasers, and environmentally-friendly soaps can all be conveniently purchased online. If you would like a personalized consultation to determine which cleaner would be most appropriate for your use, contact our specialists today.

Why Should I Use a Detergent?

Detergents are able to clean better than water alone because they are formulated to mix with soil, forming an emulsion that can then be effortlessly rinsed.  On a molecular level, a detergent has a side that is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water, and a side that is hydrophilic, meaning it is water-loving. The side that repels water attracts and binds with the soil while the other water-loving side forms a bond with the water. This allows the detergent to act as a bridge holding the dirt, grime, oil, and soil in a suspension with the water. The detergent is what helps lift the dirt from the floor as it is scrubbed.

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How are our Detergents Packaged?


For the ease of use, storage, and handling, we now offer many of our detergents in ultra-concentrated form. Our concentrated formulas make it possible to keep a significant supply of cleaner in a limited storage area. Two small cases are the equivalent of one big 55-gallon drum. When buying concentrated detergents, you do not have the risk of a drum rupturing or leaking. The manageable bottles are also easier to measure the amount that is needed and keep track of what has been used.  Our concentrated detergents include Clean and Green, Blue Blast, Max Force, and Super Citrus Detergent.

Ready to Use:

Our ready to use formulas are pre-measured and mixed, available for shipment in 55-gallon drums.


Factory Cleaning Equipment offers customers a convenient pay as you go method of buying detergent called CLEAN2O. This system reduces chemical waste and simplifies the filling process.  A tote of cleaning chemical is placed at your facility at no charge and you are then charged for the chemical as it is used. There is absolutely no up-front cost.  With the chemical portion control system there is virtually no waste filling equipment and mop buckets. Regular checks and recalibration ensure optimum results. Another optimal feature of the CLEAN2O program is that your machines will get a free machine check at every visit, including free brush rotations, squeegee flips, and overall machine check with a written report of any potential problems.


Are Detergents Safe to Use Without Harm to the Environment?

At Factory Cleaning Equipment, we stand behind products that have longevity. From providing our customers trusted American-made scrubbers and sweepers, superior maintenance and service, to selling detergents that are environmentally friendly, we take pride in our dedication to safety and quality.

Clean & Green:

For cleaning and degreasing on all types of hard floors, Clean & Green has been formulated in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to provide a safer more environmentally preferable alternative without sacrificing performance. Nontoxic, biodegradable, dye free, fragrance free with a neutral pH, this concentrated formula leaves floors clean and free of dulling residue.

Blue Blast:

For removing tire marks without pre-spraying and for cutting through grease and oil, Blue Blast is an EPA Certified powerful concentrated degreaser.

Super Citrus Detergent:

For all heavy duty soils, dirt, and dust, Super Citrus is an excellent option. It is the safest heavy duty ultra-concentrated cleaner available and features a clean, fresh citrus scent.  

Max Force:

For dissolving greasy soils on contact, Max Force is an ultra-concentrated powerful cleaner and degreaser fortified with Butyl for maximum cleaning power. With a USDA Rating of A1, it is a recognized general cleaning agent for all surfaces in all areas and for mechanical cleaning devices.

Green Extreme Multipurpose Cleaner/Degreaser:

For residue-free cleaning without dulling the gloss on floors or other surfaces, Green Extreme is an easy to use, concentrated, biodegradable, neutral pH product. This highly effective non-toxic, VOC-free product delivers great results for many industries. Green Extreme will thoroughly emulsify oils and grease.

Deep Clean:

For heavy duty all-surface cleaning, Deep Clean is a neutral, bio based product made from recycled fryer oil. This powerful cleaner exceeds USDA bio-preferred specifications, while remaining economical and effective.

Burn Out:

For removing stubborn rubber marks fast, Burn Out is a safe and biodegradable pre-treat. This highly effective, soil and stain remover is also dilutable for a wide range of cleaning applications.


For removing rust without any scrubbing, harsh chemicals, or harmful effects to the environment. Evapo-Rust™ is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable and sewerable. Light rust is removed in as little as five minutes and Evapo-Rust™ blasts through extremely heavily rusted parts overnight.

In addition to chemically formulated detergents, Factory Cleaning Equipment offers technology based eco-friendly options such as the Tennant FaST Foam Scrubbing Technology and Orbio Technology's ec-H2O. These systems are reducing the use of traditional detergents, and can save customers money. By applying an electric current, Orbio Technology's ec-H2O transforms water molecules allowing them to break down or emulsify dirt in a similar manner as detergents. With less water and less chemicals used, eco-friendly technology is proven to effectively clean floors for a safe and non-toxic facility. Quality and safety are a key priority.

For more information on choosing the right detergent, contact our product specialists at 800-793-3790 today.

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