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Why It Is Important to Keep Your Floors Clean

Don't sleep on dirty floors. The floor right underneath your feet is one of the most overlooked germ collectors in your business. While we know you're busy cleaning everything else, we want to remind you to not forget the space right underneath you!

Keeping your floors clean will help you manage preventative cleaning protocols and maintain employee and customer health by slowing the spread of germs and infectious disease.

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Why Floors are the Biggest Germ Collector

  • Our shoes constantly pick up new debris that feeds the growth of more and more bacteria
  • More than 90% of bacteria found on shoes is transferred to tile or carpet

  • Studies have found that bacteria lives longer on our shoes than in other places

  • Test results have shown that shoes are dirtier than toilet seats!

Keeping a daily cleaning schedule will help your business maintain a safe and healthy environment for employees and customers. If you are interested in providing your staff with training on proper floor cleaning procedures and developing the right cleaning protocol for your facility’s floors, Factory Cleaning Equipment can help.

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infographic explaining why floors are dirty because of germs from the bottom of shoes

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