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Why A Scrubber-Sweeper is the Best Way to Maintain Your Parking Lot

First off, here is the difference between sweepers, scrubbers, sweeper-scrubbers, and scrubber-sweeper combos. Floor sweepers use brushes to dry sweep your floor and remove dust and debris. Floor scrubbers, on the other hand, go one step further to clean with water, and sometimes detergent as well. Floor sweeper-scrubbers first dry sweep, then wet scrub at two separate times. And finally, scrubber-sweepers are a 2-in-1 technology, using a cylindrical brush to scrub and sweep at the same time. When your parking floors allow for it, a scrubber-sweeper is the best machine to clean parking lots and garages.

Cleaning a parking lot or parking garage is sometimes an afterthought. But it’s much more important to your business success than you may think. Ongoing parking lot maintenance is beneficial to not just your company and employees, but also your customers! Here’s what to consider with parking lot maintenance and why you should use a scrubber sweeper to clean your parking area:

scrub your parking lot or parking garage

1. High-profile image

How do you want your customers to feel the moment they enter and leave your property? The way your business presents itself should be a direct translation to your building’s outside appearance. (Remember, an attractive parking lot attracts more business!)

2. Potential hazards

A huge motivator for scrubbing a parking lot is accident and injury prevention. Oil stains that drip, and even excess gravel and dirt, puts you, your employees, and your customers at risk of slipping and falling. An added scrubbing precaution reduces the risk of danger.

3. Longer life span

Don’t forget about protecting the life-span of your asphalt, concrete, or another parking surface. Salt, gasoline, oil, nails, screws, broken glass, and other abrasive debris act like sandpaper when vehicles drive over them. This then affects the condition of your parking lot through the years. Maintaining your lot through scrubbing and sweeping will save your business major money in repairs down the line along with preserving the strength and quality of your parking ground.

4. Customers’ cars

Surprisingly, one of the biggest contributors of dust in a garage is the rubber fines from tire wear. And you can actually see such rubber dust along edges and ramps in a poorly maintained garage. If customers’ cars are leaving dirtier and dustier than they arrived, it’s time to consider a scrubber sweeper machine.

5. Lighting reflectivity

Floors in a parking garage or lot play a larger role in lighting your facility than you may realize! A floor that’s clean and scrubbed will dramatically increase the brightness and visibility, which as a result, enhances the safety and image of your garage.

6. Odors

Vehicle fluid, cigarettes, animal feces, and food and beverage spills are just a few things that can accumulate and cause odors over time. And if not properly cleaned and mixed with heat from the sun, these items will cause odors that won’t be pleasant and could attract unwanted critters.


With new and used equipment, rental options, propane machines, and the most popular brands available, Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. is ready to give your parking space the scrub it needs. Learn more about our recommended parking lot floor cleaning machines.

Cleaning your parking lot shouldn’t be an afterthought.

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