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Stop Struggling to Keep Your Business Clean

Keeping your business clean is always on your mind. Unfortunately, so is the hassle and expense of doing it effectively. If your business is open 24 hours or is always bustling with people, it's just not possible to close up shop for several hours a day to clean. What about when there's a lot of equipment to work around? That certainly adds to the challenge. Hire a cleaning crew? Hah. Good luck finding money for that in the budget. If you work in a gym, restaurant, brewery, machine shop, car dealership or the like, you get it: the workable solution needs to tic a lot of boxes. But you know the old saying - a dog is man’s best friend. In business, as in real life, it appears the old adage rings true. A Bulldog walk-behind floor scrubber might be just what you’re looking for.

The Time Factor

Bulldog floor scrubbers can clean more than 20,000 square feet per hour. You may not have 20,000 square feet of floors to clean, but you get the idea. It gets the job done quickly and without having to mess around with refilling a mop bucket. What's more important, however, is how quickly the floors can be safely used again. For example, the cordless Bulldog WD20 cleans and squeegees in one pass. The floor is dry immediately, which helps prevent slips and falls and makes it easy to squeeze in a quick cleaning between shifts or different exercise classes. It is also effective at cleaning a variety of surfaces, from gym mats to front reception areas to bathroom floors.

It's operator-friendly too because it's designed with clear hoses so you can actually see the water levels. Wheel-driven forward and reverse modes ensure even brush pressure to help maximize maneuverability and therefore productivity. Time is money, after all.

The Space Factor

You don't need an enormous machine to ensure an enormous result. The Bulldog Micro compact auto scrubber has a small footprint for working around gym equipment or the nooks and crannies around a brewery. It utilizes a freshwater tank to supply the two powerful scrub brushes for aggressive cleaning. The traditional mop and bucket technique spreads soils around kitchens, restrooms, shops, and dining areas, but the rotating brushes and stainless-steel squeegee on the Micro removes the dirt and grime and deposits it into a separate tank. Bulldog walk-behind scrubbers have been tested with the tough stuff, like cleaning chalk dust in gyms. Our specialized non-toxic Bulldog Mat Cleaner meets health and safety requirements to keep your staff and customers happy no matter what kind of space you’re trying to keep clean.


The Expense Factor

We all fantasize about getting someone else to do our dirty work, but let's face it: it's not often financially feasible. It's hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars each month on something you should be able to do in-house. The key is having the right tools. You already employ capable people, and when you give capable people the right cleaning tools, the job gets done properly. Working a high-quality, American-made Bulldog walk-behind floor scrubber into your budget saves you labor hours, and financing options are available to help you start deep-cleaning your facility right away.

Your squeaky clean business reputation can't prevent messes out on the floor. Equipment can make messes, and so do people. To ensure the safety of your customers and your crew, however, finding the most efficient and effective cleaning solution is essential. Finding the best floor scrubber and being able to afford it is where Bulldog Scrubbers come in. A clean establishment doesn't have to be a struggle!

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