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It's Time to Clean Somewhere - Brewery Floor Cleaning

Bulldog WD20 for Cleaning your Brewery Floor

Safe on your high-end floor

You’ve invested a great deal of money on a high-quality floor and you need to feel confident it will last you for several years. Bulldog floor scrubbers can be customized with any of our variety of brush materials to match your machine to your floor surface.

  • Automatic brush install / removal
  • Ergonomic adjustable controls
  • Unique stainless steel squeegee tool with urethane blade leaves floors dry
  • Easy access recovery tank Simple to repair

All Bulldog floor scrubbers work on epoxy, polyurethane, uncoated concrete, wood, tile, rubber, and any other hard surface that needs to stay sanitary.

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Bulldog WD20 for Brewery Kegs


Mops, buckets, vacuums, sponges, detergents, squeegees, brooms, power washers, etc., are all recommended tools to buy and store to keep your floors clean. Bulldog floor scrubbers put down a clean water solution, scrub, pick up dirty water, and squeegee all in one pass. Go from dirty to clean and dry in one shot!


Most compact auto-scrubbers are not designed for heavy-duty daily use in tough environments. Bulldog floor scrubbers were specifically designed to perform and are built in America to withstand in the toughest applications.

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The More Hygienic Way to Clean

As you may know, bacteria are very present in breweries. Keep unwanted microorganisms out of your beer by picking them up instead of spreading them around with a mop.

The Best Mop Replacement

Tasting rooms can be difficult to clean but the Bulldog WD20 floor scrubber has you covered. Sticky floors and tight spaces are no match for this walk behind scrubber. Scrub, clean, and squeegee the floor instead of spreading the mess around your facility. The easy-to-use wand attachment lets you clean underneath tables and get into tight spaces - a vast improvement from the traditional mop.

The Faster Way to Clean Brewery Floors

Save time cleaning and spend more time brewing.

Floor scrubbing brewery floor

Stop Pushing the Filth Around

The Bulldog Floor Scrubber makes it possible to clean brewery floors continually with a clean water solution and pick the mess up.


Reduce Slip and Fall Hazards

Ensuring that your floor is clean and dry after each cleaning will reduce liquid hazard concerns that are common in the brewery setting.

An Easier Way to Clean Restrooms

With the wand attachment for the Bulldog Floor Scrubber bathroom cleaning is faster and more sanitary. The impression your restrooms leave on your customers can affect the way they perceive the hygienic practices throughout the entire brewery. Leave a positive impression on your customers that come to enjoy some uniquely crafted beer with clean and sanitary restrooms.

Cleaning bathroom with vacuum wand

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