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Is Your Mop Causing More Harm Than Good?

Are you cleaning with dirty water? If you’re using a mop and bucket to clean your floors, you may be. Once a dirty mop is rung out into the bucket of clean solution, the soapy water becomes contaminated. Thereafter, you could be redistributing filth on your floors instead of cleaning them. According to the CDC, “Investigators have shown that mop water becomes increasingly dirty during cleaning and becomes contaminated if soap and water is used rather than a disinfectant.” Also, if a mop is not properly cleaned, dried, and stored after use, it can create the perfect conditions for breeding bacteria.

The clean water technology found on industrial floor scrubbers is one of the reasons that cleaning equipment is widely used in settings where the spread of bacteria and other viruses is a concern such as the healthcare industry, food plants, grocery stores, restaurants, and gyms to name a few. With a separate clean solution tank and recovery tank on a floor scrubber, you are always cleaning with clean water throughout the entire cleaning process and leaving the floors virtually bone dry. This sanitary practice simply cannot be replicated using a mop.  

Even in small areas, there is a better way to clean. There are instances where it is necessary to clean in very tight spaces that even the most compact equipment cannot reach. Certain small tasks, such as cleaning a bathroom, are places where mops are commonly used. Not only do customers often judge a business based on the cleanliness of their bathrooms, but the bathroom is another area where it is critical to employ sanitary cleaning practices. With state of the art tools like the Bulldog floor scrubber’s wand attachment, clean water and extreme suction can be used to clean even the tightest spaces, around equipment, and in awkward corners that most cleaning equipment would be unable to clean.

Utilizing an industrial floor scrubber rather than a mop can help ensure sanitary practices are followed. In addition to thorough cleaning, floor scrubbers also save time by cleaning much faster than what can be done manually with a mop. This labor cost savings often pays for the cost of the machine. To rid yourself of the mop for good and learn more about floor cleaning equipment, contact the experts with over twenty years in the industry. Call us today for a free floor scrubber demo: 800-793-3790

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