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How to Clean Gym Mats

As a business owner you have heard the horror stories about people catching deadly viruses and diseases from various environments - including dirty gym mats that can spread germs. If your facility has rubber gym mats, it is important that you take cleanliness and sanitation very seriously. Check out our step-by-step recommendation for cleaning your gym mats in order to greatly reduce risk of outbreaks from bacteria or viruses. 

Things you will need to effectively clean and disinfect your gym mat floor:

"Keep in mind that the directions in this article are for a worst case scenario. All of the steps may not be required every time you clean your floor mats if you clean them on a regular basis. It really all depends on how clean you want your facility to be."

Each step of the gym mat cleaning process has its own unique purpose and it is important to perform each task to ensure you are doing everything you can to prevent the spread of germs.

1. Remove excess debris. Use a broom to wipe away any large debris evident on the floor. It is not necessary to get every last piece of debris off of the ground, as long as you get the most of it up it will help avoid any unnecessary wear on your floor scrubber. (Things you are trying to avoid would be any large objects that could obstruct the vacuum system.)

Person removing large objects from a gym mat with a broom

2. Scrub the floor with your auto scrubber. If you are using an automatic floor scrubber for the first time it is recommended to scrub without any detergent for the first month in order to pull out any left over soap from previous mopping. Factory Cleaning Equipment will help you choose the correct walk-behind auto scrubber for your gym mats.

Industrial floor scrubber performing an initial cleaning of a gym mat

3. Spray your gym floor with disinfectant. We recommend that you fill a spray bottle with sanitizing solution and cover your entire floor. Remember, sanitizing solutions need appropriate “dwell time” so the chemicals can effectively kill bacteria effectively. Approximately two to three m

Person spraying disinfectant detergent spray on rubber gym mats

4. Scrub your mats with your auto scrubber again. After the sanitizing solution has sat for some time, go back over the your mats with your auto scrubber. Since the floor should, by now, be fairly clean you can move much faster with your floor scrubber both scrubbing and sucking up the water at the same time.

Person pushing a Bulldog WD20 automatic floor scrubber on a rubber gym mat.

Contact Factory Cleaning Equipment to discuss your facility's unique needs and we’ll help you choose a detergent and floor scrubber that is best for you. 

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