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Choosing the Correct Auto Scrubber for Gym Mats



Gyms everywhere are starting to use automatic scrubbers for cleaning their mats. They make quick work of cleaning up chalk dust, body fluids, and general dirt on your mats. A mop and bucket just redistributes the dirt. The proper auto scrubber gently scrubs the mat, emulsifies the dirt, and vacuums it dry.


Gym mat scrubber


Here are a few things to look for in a good mat scrubber


References & Testimonials

Like any expensive investment you need to do your homework. Is the unit in question currently being used in a gym with mats like yours? Talk to actual end users that have had one in use for a number of years. Believe it or not we see many scrubbers that just get parked in the corner because they are not effective or reliable. Many machines look alike but have different working components and levels of quality.


Wheel Driven Forward and Reverse

There are two ways to power a floor scrubber. Wheel driven scrubbers are by far the best. They allow for even brush pressure, maximum maneuverability and productivity. "Brush Driven" or "Brush Assist" scrubbers attempt to pull the machine along by putting extra pressure on half of the brush. The result is uneven cleaning, gouging of mats and potential for the mats to roll up under the machine. When mats roll up under the machine you create a huge wet mess and a ton of work putting them back together.


Automatic Brush Start/Stop

You paid a lot of money for your mats, don't get a scrubber that could ruin them by burning donuts on them. Choose a scrubber that automatically turns off the brush when you stop. On many units the brush keeps running when you stop. This can and will damage your mats.


Automatic Water Start/Stop

Many machines have a manual water valve. The problem arises when you stop. Without an automatic water control valve the water will keep running out until you turn it off. Let's say you get distracted because something like a dumbell is out of place. It is very easy to end up with a section of mats saturated with water when you do not have automatic water shutoff.


Availability of an Off-Aisle Wand Attachment

Did you know that some automatic scrubbers can be fitted for off-aisle cleaning wands? Even though you have a floor scrubber there are many places that your machine will not fit. Think about areas in batthrooms, locker rooms and around other fixtures. Without an off-aisle wand you are back to using a mop and spreading dirt and germs around! The best (or worst) example we can give you is cleaning around toilets and urinals. Each time your mop is dunked into its bucket the solution becomes more contaminated. Your off-aisle wand will let you put down fresh, clean solution and vacuum it up into a separate holding tank.


Warranty, Parts Availability & Made in U.S.A.

An automatic scrubber is a large investment. Make sure you can get parts, service advice and good warranty coverage. Many machines in the smaller size category are now made overseas. Some customers have reported waiting months for replacement parts on these imported units. They have also reported they received little or no help from the company that sold it to them.


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