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How to Maintain Polished Concrete Floors

In addition to providing commercial and industrial establishments with a durable, professional and aesthetically pleasing flooring option, polished concrete floors have the reputation for being low cost and low maintenance. Low maintenance, however, does not mean that zero maintenance is required.

Abrasive dirt, sand, and other fine particles can dull your concrete flooring’s signature shine. Maintaining polished concrete floors by removing dirt and dust from the floors regularly will help you maintain smoothness and sheen. Be sure to choose the right chemicals and application specific equipment to ensure the pristine concrete finish you love.

Tips for Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance

shiny polished concrete floors in warehouse

  1. Dust Floors Daily: Dirt, dust, and other particles can act like sandpaper, dulling the finish on your concrete if it is not removed from your floors. Industrial floor sweepers remove fine debris from your floors and offer an effective dust control solution.
  2. Scrub The Floors Regularly: Dirt, mold, and fine debris can get trapped on a mop head and in a bucket of water and dull the shine on your concrete floor. Ditch the mop and bucket! A commercial concrete floor scrubber is ideal when you want to restore shine and maintain polished concrete floors. Industrial floor scrubbers are equipped with two tanks – a solution tank for clean water and a recovery tank for dirty water – allowing you to use clean water and detergents throughout the entire scrubbing process. Speak to a floor cleaning specialist at Factory Cleaning Equipment to select the best floor scrubber machine and proper floor pad for your specific application. An aggressive floor pad can scratch the finish on many concrete floors and choosing a soft pad will be gentle and effective for routine cleaning.  
  3. Remove Spills From Floors When They Occur: Concrete is a porous material and spills happen! Acidic solutions such as soft drinks, milk, or vinegar frequently end up on the floors in grocery stores or restaurants. Motor oils from forklifts or heavy equipment and product spills are common in warehouses and gas stations. Acidic liquids, paints, and grease can damage polished concrete. Spills should be cleaned up when they occur and before they have a chance to absorb into the concrete flooring.
  4. Use a Neutral pH Floor Cleaner: A neutral pH floor cleaner is recommended for polished concrete. As with any chemical, always follow the dilution ratios on any cleaner you choose. Too much detergent could leave visible residue on your floors. Pre-measured packets of neutral pH floor cleaner can help remove the guesswork and streamline chemical use. Knowing what NOT to put on your concrete floors is just as important as knowing what floor cleaners to use. Polished concrete floors can be damaged by acid or alkaline detergents as well as expensive waxing and coatings. Need help selecting a detergent? Call 800-793-3790 and we will be happy to answer your questions.
  5. Achieve Optimal Polish with a Concrete Grinder and Diamond Impregnated Pad: Even with daily dust mopping and scrubbing, scratches will eventually appear, but you can remove concrete floor blemishes, level the floor, and restore a smooth sheen aesthetic. Husquvarna floor grinding and polishing machines offer you a variety of versatile planetary equipment for small and large concrete applications. You can use diamond impregnated floor polishing pads to routinely buff. 


Concrete flooring provides many benefits, and if properly cared for and polished, these floors will continue to look great for many years to come. The floor cleaning equipment experts at Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. can help you determine which chemicals, pads, and floor cleaning or grinding equipment will work best to achieve a professional polished concrete surface. Interested in renting a concrete floor grinder? We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates to fit your budget with a variety of machines for your facility’s needs.

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