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The Grocery Store Floor Scrubber You Need

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Better Floor Care for Your Grocery Store

Keeping your supermarket floors clean is very important because it is usually the first thing your customers notice. Grocery store floor maintenance can be a time-consuming task when using a standard mop and bucket to get the job done. Mops leave behind a lot of water and increase the chances of a slip or fall hazard for your customers and employees. The Bulldog floor scrubber helps eliminate the lengthy time it takes to clean grocery store floors - and it leaves no water behind.

Need to Clean Bathrooms?

The Bulldog wand attachment makes cleaning up bathroom or break room floors a breeze. Not only does the wand attachment speed up the time it takes to clean, it also leaves your floors dry immediately. No more wet bathroom floors during business hours!

Floor Chemicals for Grocery Stores

Clean & Green is super concentrate cleaner that was formulated with the US EPA. This detergent is a neutral PH cleaner that is safe to use on any floor. Clean & Green can be used in your Bulldog floor scrubber or in a bucket and is available in pre-measured packets to deliver the proper dilution. No guess work, just select the packet and mix with water. It can tackle a wide range of applications and leave your floor free of the type of residue that you may find with other floor detergent.

Make Deep Cleaning a Priority

The Bulldog walk-behind floor scrubbr is extremely easy to maneuver, with a tight turning radius that will help you navigate around coolers and aisle displays. The cleaning pad and squeegee easily reach under shelves so you know you're getting the deepest clean possible. Labor is the biggest cost when it comes to making sure your floors are dry and safe for customers and employees - with the Bulldog floor scrubber you can shave 5 hours off the time it takes to scrub 10,000 sq. ft. at a savings of over $1,000 every time you clean! Call Factory Cleaning Equipment today at 866-680-4067 or contact us online to learn more about our affordable lease-to-own program and get started today.

chart showing bulldog floor scrubber return on investment

Above chart calculated based on ISSA's standard time to mop at a rate of $7.50/hr

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