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Application Spotlight: Abrasive Belt Manufacturer

At Factory Cleaning Equipment, we take pride in helping businesses select industrial floor cleaning equipment that will help reduce labor costs and solve the cleaning problems plaguing their floors in order to help create a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment. For over two decades, we have worked with a broad range of industries from commercial to industrial, providing large rider and compact walk behind floor scrubbers and sweepers. In addition to high quality equipment, we also supply the parts, equipment maintenance, chemicals, coatings and more. This ‘Application Spotlight’ highlights the machine that we recently provided for an abrasive belt manufacturer who found that their floors were extremely slippery and dirty from very fine debris that was challenging to remove.


This particular client manufactures belts for belt sanders used in lumberyards and their manufacturing process leaves black carbon powder on their floors. The fine carbon particles are extremely slippery, creating a safety hazard. The black powder also limits the reflectivity of the floors and can easily be trekked into office areas or land in ducts or on inventory. Being unable to effectively remove this residue, this client was finding that the carbon powder was getting everywhere, creating unsafe conditions, and limited light reflectivity of the floors which increases energy usage.


The Factory Cat MiniMag compact industrial grade, self-propelled, walk-behind scrubber was chosen for this particular application. To remove residue as fine as the black powder present in this location, a floor scrubber was preferable to an industrial sweeper. Cleaning at a rate of up to 25,500 square feet per hour, this machine is extremely efficient. The MiniMag even features a “Drain Saver,” which is a stainless steel basket that collects litter from recovery water, reducing the potential of discharge water clogging the floor drains. At 2”, the MiniMag’s recovery drain is also 80% larger than the 1.5” drains on other floor scrubbers, making the drain hose less likely to clog. Manufactured in the United States of America, the MiniMag is sturdy. Built to withstand harsh environments, its steel frame is powder coated for superior protection against corrosion, and offers more durability than softer metals or plastics. Now this client can scrub their floors quickly and effectively, helping to reduce slip hazards, increase the light reflectivity of their floors, and create a more polished image.

Factory Cat Scrubber in Belt Manufacturing

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