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What to Consider Before Buying a Recon Sweeper or Scrubber

Whether you’re looking for price savings, quicker machine lead time, or lower depreciation, a rebuilt floor cleaning machine can be a great solution. Here’s what to keep in mind if you’re considering a rebuilt machine:

The Benefits

Here are some benefits to buying a reconditioned sweeper or scrubber:

  • Price savings- typically priced 25-35% lower than a new machine
  • Quicker machine lead time- depending on used availability
  • Lower depreciation- when compared to a new machine
  • Fully serviced and functional- equipped with new batteries, brushes, and more

Be Careful with the Term “Used”

Be careful with the broad phrase “Used Floor Scrubber.” Like an automobile, two “used” machines could look similar on the outside but have two very different pasts. Much of the value of the sweeper or scrubber is determined by its past environment. A scrubber that was operated in a gentle environment will perform much differently than a scrubber that was used in a facility with, say for example, corrosive materials. You may not be able to spot this corrosion on a used floor scrubber from seeing a few pictures. Very often the real problems are hidden under the machine.

Ask What Has Been “Rebuilt”

“Rebuilt Floor Scrubber” is also a broad phrase. You will find that many companies use mismatched batteries and used parts from other machines to make them work. You need to ask specifically what has been done to the used scrubber that you will be getting. Rebuilding a used floor scrubber should include new batteries, new brushes, all new squeegees and wipers, new belts, new casters, new bearings, and more. Anything less than this means that you will probably be buying some expensive parts shortly after receiving the machine.

Life Expectancy Depends on Operator

A used scrubber’s value is also very dependent on the operator that took care of it. A machine that was driven recklessly, never cleaned out, or abused can lose much of its value very quickly. We have scrapped out machines that have less than 500 hours on them. The life expectancy of a machine can vary from 500 to 5000 hours in the same type of application simply because of different operators.

Ask yourself these questions before buying a recon sweeper or scrubber…

  • Is the company you are buying from established?
  • Will they be around to support you down the line when you need service?
  • Will the manufacturer have the parts you need?
  • Are good manuals available?

Buying rebuilt or used floor scrubbers can save you thousands of dollars if you do your homework. Remember that the best value is not always the lowest price!

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