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Why the Tennant 5700 Floor Scrubber?

Best Floor Scrubber in America, Tennant 5700

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

Tennant charges more for their walk behind scrubbers than almost any of their competitors.  A used Tennant 5700 scrubber sells for almost twice what any competitors does.  Why is it that this machine outsells every other brand new and used?

Parts and service availability for all Tennant equipment is second to none.  The Tennant 5700 floor scrubber is no exception.  Tennant has sold thousands of these machines all over the world.  Experienced customers know how important service and parts support after the sale is.  Most, if not all, of the parts are available next day if necessary.  Customers with multiple locations also know that they can get service for their Tennant machine anywhere in the country within a day or so.  Because Tennant sells so many 5700 models service techs typically will have the parts on the truck necessary to fix the machine.

The 5700 is one of the few machines left on the market that was built with the power necessary to withstand industrial applications.  The drive unit that powers the wheels is capable of propelling this 800 pound machine up steep ramps and over rough floors.  The oversized wheels and casters give the machine excellent ground clearance and a smooth ride over uneven surfaces.  The scrub powerful scrub motors allow operators to run a variety of brushes including those designed for removing paint, mastic, and heavy build up.  It is even capable of running diamonds to polish concrete.

Tennant builds the 5700 from materials that will not rust.  Many scrubbers will start to corrode from the day they are put into service.  When sanitizers or other corrosive chemicals are use machines can be literally unserviceable within just a few years due to heavy corrosion.  Tennant makes the tanks from polyethylene.  They are seamless and about ¼ inch thick, making them almost indestructible.  The frame of the machine is a composite material that cannot rust.  Scrub heads and squeegees are made from cast aluminum.  These properties are why a Tennant scrubber can be rebuilt for many years of heavy use.

The electrical system on the 5700 is similar to that of a late model car.  All connections are made with water tight triple sealed connectors.  This seems like it would be the case with all scrubbers but it is not.  Many companies still use inexpensive crimp connectors that make their machines very difficult to work on once electrical parts need replacing.  The wire harnesses on the 5700 are also encased in Kevlar to protect them from chafing.

The bottom line is that a Tennant 5700 is a great investment that will provide excellent results for 10 or more years if you want to keep it going.  The resale market continues to be strong for these machines of any age for these and many other reasons.

By Rick Schott

Circle the author on Google+.

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