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Why Invest in a Floor Scrubber Unit Versus Contract Outside Service

Why Invest in a Floor Scrubber Unit vs Contract Outside Service

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

Buying and leasing floor cleaning equipment is essentially the same thing in today’s market.  A lease is a finance contract.  The same tax advantages and depreciation generally apply to outright purchases and leases.

If you plan on cleaning your plant more than one time per month it probably makes the most sense to buy our lease the unit.  Consider this when making a decision: Let’s say you pay an outside contractor $2000 per month to clean your floors twice a month, yet you can invest in an auto-scrubber for $20,000.  The unit will pay for itself at the 20th cleaning cycle or within the first 10 months.

Typically, companies that hire outside services to maintain a facility are more commercial oriented and not an industrial or manufacturing type business.  Manufacturing plants are almost never contracted out because of the constant care needed.  A commercial facility (banks, health care, airports, etc.) would be a better candidate for contract maintenance.  In an Industrial/Manufacturing setting, it is important that the facility flooring is cleaned on a regular basis but more importantly when it needs to be cleaned.  An outside service will not be on call to clean when your floors need it but rather when they are scheduled to be in.

Aside from the countless cost advantages of owning a floor scrubber, there are many other advantages to having a scrubber in the building at all times:

**A floor scrubber is often handy to have around if you have the misfortune of a roof leak, broken pipe, or spill.

**When a call comes in that an important customer is coming in tomorrow, you can quickly clean the floors just before they come.

**Cleaning the plant daily or weekly sends a strong message to employees that your company is serious about maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

**Most companies need to have their floors cleaned more frequently than an outside service can supply and still remain cost effective.

**Your definition of a clean floor and the contractor’s may be different.

By Rick Schott

Circle the author on Google+.

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