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Why Buy or Lease a Floor Scrubber

Cut Labor Cost, Save Money and  Enjoy a Clean & Safe Facility

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

Over 90% of the cost of cleaning a building is the labor to do it.  Using a floor scrubber is a far more efficient and effective way to get a floor clean.  We estimate that walk behind floor scrubbers clean 10 – 20 times faster than mopping.  Riders can clean up to 30 times faster depending on their size. 

Clean More Aggressively When Necessary There is no comparison as to how much cleaner you can get a floor using a floor scrubber compared to mopping.  The brushes on a floor scrubber spin at speeds from 200 – 800 RPM.  Down pressure on these brushes can vary from 70 to as much as 400 pounds if necessary to remove grime or build up.  Imagine trying to duplicate this process using a mop or scrub brush.

Clean with Clean Water and Floor Cleaning Chemicals When you use a mop and bucket the mop water becomes contaminated the first time you wring out the mop.  As the person mops the floor the water becomes more and more dirty.  A floor scrubber has separate tanks for the cleaning solution and dirty water (the recovery tank).  Floors are always being scrubbed with clean solution.

Clean Floors are Safe Floors Most floors, even smooth shiny floors, are not necessarily slippery.  Floors become slippery when they are covered in dust or liquids.  Scrubbing daily reduces slip and fall hazards.  Scrubbing with a floor scrubber also leaves floors to dry much more quickly reducing your risk.

When you have an emergency Pipes break, roofs leak, nontoxic spill occurs etc.  A floor scrubber is great to have around for these situations.  You can quickly vacuum up the liquid, clean the area and get back to business.

When customers drop in If you get a call that one of your valued customers is on their way over, wouldn’t it be nice to have a floor scrubber handy to quickly clean the floors before they arrive!

Cleaning is Contagious and Profitable Regular floor cleaning of a facility sends a message that management intends to run a clean operation. Employees like to work in a clean, safe environment and tend to get on board with the effort.  There is a direct correlation between a clean facilities and quality and efficiency. 

By Rick Schott

Circle the author on Google+.

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