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Why Buy a Floor Scrubber

How Dirty is Your Mop Water, Never Clean with Dirty Water Again!

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

When we tell people what we do, we do get the question, “Why should I buy a floor scrubber?”  The answer is usually based on how big a facility you have and how clean you want to keep it.  I always wonder when someone is mopping a floor, do they realize that after they put the mop back into the bucket, they are basically cleaning with dirty water.  The nice thing about a floor scrubber is that you are constantly putting down clean water and picking up dirty water.  I also worry when someone is mopping if they will hit someone with the mop handle.  Additionally, the floor is dry with a floor scrubber right after it is cleaned.  No need to purchase signs telling people to be careful, they may slip and fall.  The benefits of the scrubber are cleanliness and safety for both you and your facility.

When it comes down to how big of a facility do I need to purchase a scrubber, that decision is entirely your own.  We have sold scrubbers to individuals who like to keep their garage clean, all the way to facilities that are 500,000 square feet! People are always amazed at the various types of scrubbers we provide.  We have both walk behind scrubbers and rider scrubbers.  Both operate under the same principles, put down clean water, pick up dirty water and leave the floor dry.  Besides providing a clean facility, the labor savings of owning a scrubber typically have a pay back of less than one year.  If you decide to lease, many times your monthly payment is saved by the reduction of labor it takes to keep your facility clean.

If you are interested in owning a floor scrubber and obtaining the benefits of reduced labor costs, and providing for a safer and cleanlier facility, please call us at 1-800-793-3790.

By Rick Schott

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