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What type of floor scrubber should I rent?

If you Google ‘floor scrubber rental’ everything from small rental stores, large retailers, large chain rental companies, and floor cleaning equipment dealerships will pop up.  Getting the right piece of equipment when you want it can be a real challenge.  The consequences of ordering the wrong piece of equipment can be pretty bad:

  • You may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for little or no discernable difference in your floors. 
  • The wrong brushes or wrong detergent could ruin the look of the floor. 
  • A poorly maintained machine could have a hydraulic oil or battery acid leak that leaves stains on the floor surface. 
  • You may have a short window of time to get the job done.  Finding out that the machine doesn’t work late in the evening is really bad news!

Floor rental experts

Sorry if our first paragraph made you a little paranoid about renting a floor scrubber.  There is a simple solution to getting a properly equipped floor scrubber for your job.  FIND AN EXPERT THAT KNOWS FLOORS AND FLOOR SCRUBBERS.  This is generally not going to be the kid behind the counter at a mega-home center rental store.  Most likely you will also not find your floor care expert at the national chain rental store or the “Mom & Pop” local rental shop.  These people just have too many products to be much of an expert at any of them.   Your best bet, hands down, will be to find a local dealer of floor cleaning equipment that is in the rental business.  Try Googling ‘Floor Scrubber your location’.  You can also try ‘Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment’ and local dealerships should pop up.  The industrial cleaning equipment dealers are the ones that are most likely to rent the best and largest selection of floor cleaning equipment.  They generally will have sales people on staff with the product and cleaning knowledge you need to get the job done right.  Be ready with the following information for them:

  • How many square feet of floor do you have to clean? Tip: In most warehouses and factories only about 30% of the total building square footage is cleanable.
  • What is the narrowest aisle you want to clean? 
  • How much time do you have to get it done?
  • Do you prefer battery power or LP? Battery power limits run time so you will have to factor that in.
  • What type of floor do you want to clean - plain concrete, polished concrete, painted or coated, tile?
  • Will you hand sweep the floor first or do you need something to take care of sweeping and scrubbing?
  • Do you have a place to dump the dirty water?  You should always dump into a sanitary drain, never a storm drain.
  • What type of soil are you cleaning - general dirt, grease & oil, tire marks?

If the person you are talking to does not care about the information from the questions above they are definitely not the company to be renting from.  Most places in the United States are served by good, reputable, floor cleaning equipment dealers.  Take your time and find one.  Your time and your floor are too valuable to do anything else!

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